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GCM Owens Corning Week 4 Training

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Today is the first day of March.  For that I say, Hurrah!  However, when I look out my window and see the globs of snow substance coating the streets, driveways, sidewalks, and yards, I say Womp womp.  I’m quite sure I’m now alone when I say I’m completely and utterly sick of this crapola.  I had one day last week that I could have possibly run outside, but Hubby came home from work a little late, so I was again confined to the old dusty, dungeon, stank air trail—the treadmill.  Yak Trax continue to look to be a good investment piece for next winter.

This week saw my total mileage finally go over 20 miles.  For some people I know that’s really not a whole lot, but for me that’s quite an accomplishment as I haven’t hit those numbers since the years PB (pre-baby).  During and after my pregnancy, I’ve been lucky if I can get 10-15 miles in during the week.

Here’s how this week of training went:
Monday–Rest Day.  Was supposed to some stretching and strengthening (which didn’t happen).  I’m thinking about composing an excuse book for all my various reasons that I continue to fall off the strength training and cross training wagon.  Biggest reason: on Mondays I don’t get home from work until 7:15.  After that and until about 8:15, it’s Baby J and Mommy time.  Frankly, I’m too tired to even think about doing anything after that.
Tuesday–3 mile Easy Run on the Treadmill.  Nothing exciting to speak of.  Let’s just say it was boring.
Wednesday–3.5 mile Easy Run on the treadmill.  Watched the series finale of Parks and Recreation.  I am so going to miss that show, as the final credits rolled I nearly shed a tear.  But it also could have been sweat dripping in my eyes.


Let me introduce to you, Baby Swanson.  His mustache is made of prunes and is biodegradeable.

Let me introduce to you, Baby Ron Swanson. His mustache is made of prunes and is biodegradeable.

Thursday–Tempo Run of 35 minutes.  I broke this up into 10′ easy @8:27/mile pace to start.  Slowly increased the speed so that by the time I hit the 10′ mark, I was up to 8:00/mile.  During the next 20′ I slowly increased up to a 7:38/mile pace.  Finished with a 5′ cooldown @8:20/mile.  I think I wound up running like 4.4 miles total.
Friday–Rest Day.
Saturday–Easy Run of 3 miles in the basement.  Went to Toledo briefly to visit with our family and ate a splendiforous meal at Shorty’s BBQ.  (That’s where James decided he mustache everyone a question with his prunes).  Time with family this winter has been hard to come by, so this was a much needed visit.
Sunday–7 mile long run on treadmill.  Since you know, it was pooping snow outside again.  Maintained a 8:46/mile pace which is an accomplishment for me since I tend to run my long runs way too fast and then wonder why I suck on race day.

Total Mileage: 21 miles

I still have yet to even think about setting my A, B, or C goals for the Owens Corning Half since I have struggled to get outside for >2 weeks now.  I’m hoping all this treadmill training equates to same pace outdoors, but it’s really hard to say.  I try to keep the ‘mill at a 1% incline, but who knows if that’s enough.

All I know is that my Z goal is to finish, make sure I drink water appropriately, and not have to become BFFs with the Porta Johns.  I think those are fairly easy to accomplish, but hey, you never know.

It appears that both the marathon and half marathon are now 71% full, which means that it probably won’t be long before these races sell out!  I wouldn’t be surprised if that happens by the end of March.  Sign up today or else you may not get run the Glass City on April 26.


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  1. Nice job getting above 20 miles for the week – keep up the good work!

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