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GCM Owens Corning Half Marathon Week 3 Training

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Another week came, another week went.  Another weekend snowstorm hit, and Eli failed to get outside at all this week.  I’m getting super awesome at running on my treadmill, but my neck can only take so much straining from looking down to watch my TV shows or Netflix movies.  Can Mother Nature throw me a bone yet and make it like 30 degrees?  You would think after living on the North Coast for 4+ years now that I would have invested in Yak Trax.  And yet, I haven’t.  And hence.  And harumph.

Here’s how my training shook out for this week:
Monday–Once again I forgot to do this thing called stretching and strengthening.  Unless talking can be considered as stretching my mouth, because then yes, I did that.
Tuesday– Easy Run.  3 miles in 26 minutes.  On the treadmill (this is becoming a common theme).
Wednesday–Easy Run.  3.8 miles in 32 minutes.  On the treadmill.  In the basement.  Of my home.  Whilst my washer and dryer hummed along.  Watched The Mindy Project (omg baby alert, love where they’re taking that storyline) and The New Girl.
Thursday–6×400 meter speedwork (at 5K pace) with warm-up and cool down.  3 miles total.
Friday–Rest Day.  I also had my very first Shamrock Shake to kick off my Shamrock Shake season.  Anyone that knows me is aware that I love these.  And love these even more when I’m pregnant as last year my wonderful Hubby made sure to put one in the freezer for me at least 3 days a week.
Saturday–This week was supposed to call for a rest day and 5K race for the weekend.  Since the weather was crap, I elected to change my training since I hate running race pace on a treadmill.  Instead, I did 5.5 miles during a progression run in 46 minutes while watching Hart of Dixie.  Another guilty pleasure because I am indeed a 29 year old trapped inside a 17 year old’s body.
Sunday–3 miles done in 23:20.  Since there was no 5K race to do, I simply just made sure I did a short progression run.  And watched About a Boy (new NBC guilty pleasure).  Since the movie was fantastic and all, although Hugh Grant whatever has happened to you?!  I also did some much neglected strength training afterwards and even drank a protein shake since I’m trying to turn over a new leaf for the new year.  It tasted like chocolate chalk.

Total Miles: 18
Total TV Shows Viewed: 5

Hoping that the weather forecast changes soon, although this week appears to be more of the same.  Cold.  Wind.  Snow.  And Eli’s tears of sadness and the thumping sounds of my feet pounding on the treadmill.  Womp womp.

9 more weeks until the Glass City Marathon!  The Half Marathon is on pace to sell out soon, so sign up today and join me!
This kid says so! (yes, this is sorry attempt to insert a picture of my little guy–he’s now 7 months old and probably won’t ride in his jogging stroller until he’s 9 months old at this rate.  so much for my little training partner!)


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