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5 and 6 Month Update


Because I’m super behind, super busy, and super awesome, I never got around to posting Baby J’s 5 month update.  Or his 6 month update (I’m wonderful like that).  I decided to consolidate both month updates into one slightly abbreviated, cluster of a post.  Baby J is growing up so fast.  I know everyone in the history of the world always says this about babies, but I’m coming to that conclusion as well.  Little kiddo is getting into everything now.  And this procrastinator of a Mom has yet to child-proof things, which only helps work on my fitness as I chase around this movin baby yelling “NO!”.

IMG_7084At 5 months old, Baby J had a busy month.  For a baby that is.

  • He celebrated both Christmas and New Year’s.  And had no clue what either was except it meant a later bedtime (which angered him) and lots of wrapping paper to eat.
  • He began to eat baby foods.  His very first: bananas.  What did he think? A look of confusion
  • Began doing the beginnings of an “inch worm”.  Aka lifting his baby booty all the way up in the air and falling over.
  • Weighed 19 pounds and measured 27.3 inches (or as accurate as can be measured when your child is trying to suck on a sock). Wearing 9 month clothing.
  • Was battling a variety of baby illnesses: the flu (yes, the type A sick flu), an ear infection, and an eye infection.  Making his parents quality of sleep drop to a big fat zero.

IMG_7132At 6 months old, things slowed down in the Mason household, but Baby J did not.  In fact, he decided to start being a mover and a groover.

  • Began to sit unsupported
  • Began to commando crawl
  • Likes to suck on everything.  All things mentioned are things that have, indeed, been sucked on: A church pew, cords and wires to the stereo and computer (followed by a NO!), beer bottles, pop bottles, water bottles, pieces of mail, socks that are super smelly, shoelaces, belts, my knee, Mike’s shin.  The list goes on.
  • Eating a variety of baby foods: bananas, sweet potatoes, carrots, green beans, apples, and oatmeal cereal.
  • Weighs 20 pounds, 11 ounces and measures 28.25 inches.  Is now wearing 12 month clothing.
  • Can now (I can happily report) sleep for stretches of 7-8 hours.  Wakes 1-2 times per night at max.  Much better than 4-5 times per night that was happening with the ear infection.

So really, a lot of change has happened in 2 months.  I can’t wait to see what this little guy does next month.  And I especially can’t wait for it to warm up so he and I can start our Glass City Marathon outdoors training with the jogging stroller.  Just need that 15 inches of snow sitting in our yard to melt!


2 thoughts on “5 and 6 Month Update

  1. What a cutie! You are a serious trooper. So glad he is feeling better!

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