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Things I Can Relate To…


Starting next week, I will officially be kicking off my training plan for the Owens Corning Half Marathon.  It has been over 2 years since I’ve trained for a half, and I am excited and nervous at the same time.  I have been able to work up to running 6 miles as my long run, to develop the “base” necessary to start a 12 week training program.  Do I have a goal time yet?  I have ideas of what I would like to run, but it’s hard to set a goal when most of my running so far has been done on the treadmill.  And sadly, unless Glass City decides to move it’s course to running circles around my basement (probably won’t be happening), it’s hard to know if my treadmill running paces will translate appropriately to the outdoors world.  I think in the past 3 weeks, I have managed to run outside twice.  Yes, you read that correctly.  I’m a big baby.



I tend to use a mantra whenever I train, something that I like to repeat in my head whenever the going gets tough.  My mantra has always been “one mile at a time”, but for this training cycle I can now add another mantra “nothing can be harder than childbirth” 😉 I doubt I’ll be able to find a wristband that says that though.

photo (77)

In other life things, we’re staying busy.  Well, as busy as you can be when you’re holed up inside your home like hermits.

Baby J just turned 6 months old, which means I now have 6 months left to plan his first birthday.  And, knowing me, I will wait until the week before to actually plan it.  J’s still a handful, we never know if he’s going through a growth spurt, cutting teeth, still battling a cold, or just really wants to eat diapers and cell phones.  All I know is that we’re dealing with a lot of this.

Which has made for some pretty special, “let’s reserve this story for our future book about parenthood” or “let’s save this story for when we need to make sure J fully appreciates just how much we love him”.  When your kid’s hanging out in the trunk of the Rav4 in his diaper, with poop stained clothing and wipes everywhere, in 30 degree weather, it does leave you questioning your motives.

What races are you training for?  Do you have any crazy parenting stories that just make you shake your head? Am I the only one that hates winter?


5 thoughts on “Things I Can Relate To…

  1. Awe baby J looks like he is getting so big!

  2. I LOVE the purple one about staring at your garmin…I feel like that sometimes. The non-runners of the world probably think we are all freaks!

    • I have found the one window sill in my house that when I set my watch on it, it instantly loads. I absolutely hate pacing in my driveway staring at my wrist, I know I look like an idiot!

  3. I hate hate hate running in winter. I basically have to drag myself out the door every day… is it Spring yet?! 🙂

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