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It’s A New Year


It’s a New Year which means it’s time for ye olde resolution setting.  I’ve come to find that when setting resolutions, it’s better to set small goals that set you up for the big picture rather than making your goals too lofty.  Or maybe, it’s because I’d rather set my bar super low so I’m guaranteed to succeed.  Because who really wants to run face first into their hurdle?

For 2015, my runners resolutions will be as follows:
1) I’d like to keep an accurate running log.  I fell off this wagon over the course of 2014, mainly because of the tiny human growing within my abdomen, but also because I’m lazy and had zero running goals.
2) Run >1,000 miles.  I can do this.  I’ve done it before.  And I will need 3 pairs of running shoes to do it.  Cha ching time to make that money, Momma.
3) Try to run a race each month.  Which will be hard in the winter months, but I’m confident I can do this.  Even if it means making my own race up and drawing a Crayola bib on myself.
4) Race a half marathon.  I’m doing Glass City in April.  I’m registered and eager to see just how much I can push myself.
5) Run a 20:XX 5K.  Each year I determine my level of fitness based off my 5K time.  I know I have the chops in me to pull this off, just a matter of sticking my nose to the grindstone and getting it done.

I’d like to think these are things that should be easily accomplished and not require a lot of angst on my part.

I’m still trying to put together what my 2015 Race Calendar will look like since it all totally depends on my health and the Baby J’s demands.  But here’s my guide to January through March.
January: Not a lot of races are available in January because, frankly, it’s friggin cold out.  If you’re looking to brave the cold, snow, ice, and willing to part with your dignity in case you slip and fall, here’s some great options.
Donut Dash (5K Prediction Run) in Perrysburg, OH on January 11
The Resolution Run (5K) in Bowling Green, OH on January 17
Dave’s 10 Mile (10 Mile) in Delta, OH on January 25

February: The winter weather may be better and also may be worse.  It’s still friggin cold but at least February is a shorter month, right?!
Fremont Indoor Classic (10K) in Fremont, OH (if you’re looking for a mental challenge!) on February 1
Get Luckey (5K) in Luckey, OH on February 14
Chili Bowl Classic (5K) in Cleveland, OH on February 14
Snoball Run (5K) in Bay Village, OH on February 21

March: March comes in like a lion and out like…something else.  Or at least that’s my interpretation of that phrase.  March is my birth month and I’m in denial that I’ll be moving up age groups.  But March is also a sign that spring is on the way.  And more races start happening as well.
Louisville St. Patrick’s Day (5K) in Louisville, OH on March 14
St. Malachi Run (2 or 5 Mile Option) in Cleveland, OH on March 14
Wearin of the Green (7K) in Oregon, OH on March 22
Christie Lane (5K) in Norwalk, OH
Melt the Ice (5K) in Fremont, OH

To look for entry forms or online registration for these races (as some have yet to post their entry forms at this time…it’s early still!) you can find information at:
Ohio Challenge Series
Firelands Area Runners Club
Toledo Road Runners
Hermes Racing
Fremont Elite Runners Club

Here’s to happy and healthy running in 2015!  Hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday season 🙂

Mason Family Holiday Photo.  We still can't get the whole "everyone smile" thing together yet.  We're working on it.

Mason Family Holiday Photo. We still can’t get the whole “everyone smile” thing together yet. We’re working on it.


4 thoughts on “It’s A New Year

  1. I love your family photo :). Good luck deciding which races to do, I would go with a prediction one personally, because i’ve never done one of those!

  2. So cute! Love these goals. All attainable for sure and that 5K…whew!

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