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It’s Been A While

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So my last entry was nearly a month ago.  I will entirely blame that upon being a super busy Mommy lately.  Between work, the holidays, a non-sleeping baby, and sleep deprivation of 4 months finally sinking in, writing up my last race report or composing my 4 month update never happened.  Whoops!

Given I have approximately 10 minutes before I have to wake up and feed Baby J, this post will be short…sweet…and to a very brief point.  Not like underwear.

Baby J turned 4 months old as of Nov 21st!  Obviously he’s almost 5 months now, but better late than never right?  Little dude continues to amaze us in how he grown over the past month.  He loves to smile, gurgle his neverending salivary stream, roll all over the place, and jump for days (or until my arms feel like they’re burning with a gigantic blow torch).  That’s why the best gift Baby J could have gotten for an early Christmas gift (to save Mommy and Daddy from a rotator cuff tear) was a jumper.  Little guy jumps and jumps and jumps…usually until he passes out.  Totally cracks me up.

Not sure why this keeps rotating, but you get the idea.  He's a happy guy.

Not sure why this keeps rotating, but you get the idea. He’s a happy guy.

Also, because I’m cheap, I decided to stage our own version of a Christmas photo shoot to put on our yearly photo card.  These ones didn’t make the cut.  Probably because Mommy has too much fun using PicMonkey.
IMG_6975a IMG_6961a


We also got to take Baby J to his very first Lights Before Christmas at the Toledo Zoo! It’s one of my favorite holiday events, and I’m hoping it becomes a tradition for us.  Even if our evening ended with a super tired, super cranky baby that had to be taken home early.  Womp womp.

Baby J was looking for money

Baby J was looking for money

As for things on the running front, I ran my yearly Turkey Trot.  I selected the Green Professionals Association Turkey Trot in Green,OH.  The weather was a bit less than ideal, as it snowed through the whole event, but the course never got slick.  Since the race was a while ago, my post-race excitement has died down and I don’t have much else to say besides I ran hard, ran a smart race, and was able to best my previous 5K  PR by a few seconds (21:20).  Not too bad given my lack of formal training recently.  Makes me look forward to what Spring racing will bring!

gpa1 gpa2


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  1. Keep up the good work!!!!! Impressive!

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