Running Through a Fulfilled Life

3 Month Update


Obviously life has gotten a lot more busy, stressful, and challenging since I returned to work.  Time management skills are definitely being put to the test I am trying to balance work, family life, recreational activities (as much as I love it–yes, running is just for recreation), housework, and mental well being.  No one ever said taking on a new role in your life would be easy, but they did say it would be worth it.  This week, I have had a terrible time finding time to run.  As in, I did so awesome last week and then my super awesome self fell off the wagon (not really, but I can’t think of the last time I took 4 rest days in a row).


I’ve kind of come to the conclusion that training for a half is out for this Fall.  I’d rather take my sweet lazy time slowly ramping up my mileage and wind up running a healthy race in the Spring than push things too quickly and wind up on the sidelines battling injury again.running-late1

In all my busy hub bub chaos of a life, I totally forgot to post an update at 3 months.  You know, 9 days late is totally NBD.  It’s official, at 3 months old, babies really become fun–whodathunk?!  They start smiling, cooing, babbling, rolling, imitating, sucking anything that enters the arena that is their mouth (hands, toys, Mommy’s face, etc).  It’s really awesome to finally have something to hang your hat on for those few weeks that were purely terrible and filled with no sleep, constant colicky crying, and constant questioning of your parenting skills.

Baby J is such a chunk and we couldn’t love him more.  He is such a sweet boy that warms our hearts everyday.

IMG_6861 IMG_6865 IMG_6928a IMG_6930a

While he still hasn’t hit the 100th percentile for his vitals, we are still holding out hope that he will become the largest baby in his age group.  Because why half ass anything when you can whole ass it? (Ron Swanson quote FTW).

Yes this post is short and brief.  But at least I finally got around to doing a life update.  You’re welcome.


2 thoughts on “3 Month Update

  1. Love the Ron Swanson quote. I too am a runner-mama. My little guy is 6 months old. I struggled so much with finding time to run and be mom. I now greatly appreciate the jogging stroller and his ability to hold his own neck stable. 4 rest days is no big deal!! Don’t beat yourself up. Just enjoy you big little guy! (My 6month old weighs less than your 3 month old….crazy!)

    Check me out at

    • thanks for the encouraging words! we have a jogging stroller all raring to go–unfortunately by the time he’s old enough it’s going to be winter! ugh! i think we will be investing in a treadmill which should help. i am sure that 6 month age is awesome, just starting to get more mobile!

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