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2 Month Update

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Hark! It has been 2 months since our family was blessed with a new addition in the form of un bebe.  Time has definitely been flying by, as my maternity leave is dwindling to its last fleeting moments.  Aka I have less than 2 weeks to go until I have to go back to work and say goodbye to my baby during the day.  I am very eager to get back to my work life, but it is going to be difficult being away from SBJ each day when I have grown so accustomed to our routine at home.

Yesterday, SBJ and I got to go to the pediatrician’s office.  Oh happy happy joy joy.  The 2 month appointment is when the beginning of the dreaded shots occur.  SBJ was a nice, happy boy all the way up until they gave him his vaccinations at which point this Momma’s heart broke.  Poor bub cried his eyes out to the point that he stopped breathing and I had to blow into his mouth to get him to take a breath.  😦

We also found out our little monster baby is now 24.5 inches long and 15 pounds.  He is in the 97th percentile for height, 95th for weight.  I should get a dollar everytime I hear “he is huge” or the side-eye “you must make some rich milk”.  I really want to respond, “yes, its laced with protein powder and cookies”.  I already had a heart-to-heart with SBJ and told him next appointment I expect better, like 100th percentile, so he can just be the biggest baby for his age.  Yes, that’s sarcasm.

Mom really? I just woke up

Mom really? I just woke up


Questioning my motives

Questioning my motives

My running is starting to get back there.  And by there, I mean to a comfortable point again.  My running form has returned, as I no longer feel like I’m running with my trunk behind my rear (the pregnant gait womp womp) while looking like I’m holding a hot turd in.

Pregnant Running Gait.  My name is not Eileen.  Or I lean.

Pregnant Running Gait. My name is not Eileen. Or I lean.

My pace has surprisingly come back quickly for my easy and comfortable paced runs (which is really all I’ve been doing. aka junk miles).  I have yet to attempt anything defined as “speed work” or “running quickly”.  I pretend my speedwork occurs during my runs at the buttcrack of dawn, because in the dark I always feel faster.  Probably because I’m scared someone is going to jump out of a bush and chase me.  I have been trying to work on getting up early to run since that will be the schedule I adopt when I go back to work.

Last week’s training kind of looked like this:

Monday-Rest Day post Long Run
Tuesday-Rest Day again.  Does walking laps around the house with a baby draped over your shoulder count as exercise? Resistance training?
Wednesday-3.8 miles in 32′ (easy run)
Thursday-3 miles in 24′ (AM darkness run)
Friday-Rest Day
Saturday-6.17 miles in 52′ (long run)
Sunday-3 miles in 26′ (shake out run)

Total=16 miles

I have been trying to run 4 days per week and keep things pretty easy as I build my mileage back up.  I want to get a base down before I start any speedwork or tempo runs because A) I’m out of shape still and B) my pelvic instability is still there and I feel things popping/shifting when doing the most basic of things–like getting out of a chair.   I plan to start working some cross training back into my week once I go back to work.

My biggest obstacle to exercise? (this should be a no duh ya idiot answer) Finding the time!  SBJ needs his Momma a lot (for loving and foodstuffs and what not) and my Husband also works/has a life.  So time management really has become a hot commodity to get anything done.  And I mean anything.  Like grocery shopping, clothes shopping, going to the bank, getting gas in the car, going to the bathroom, taking a shower, picking my nose, wait…what?  However, I’m always up for a good challenge and am pretty sure I have started to go mildly insane from sleep deprivation so I have become slightly numb to the constant craziness that is our life now.

Birthday Celebrations Galore

Birthday Celebrations Galore

My Dad and his younger Doppelganger

My Dad and his younger Doppelganger

Grandma with her favorite Grandbaby

Grandma with her favorite Grandbaby

SBJ is more interested in looking at birds and trees.  Ain't nobody got time for a picture.

SBJ is more interested in looking at birds and trees. Ain’t nobody got time for a picture.


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