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40 Weeks


Oops…this was the post I was hoping I wouldn’t have to write!  We officially have ourselves a procrastinator, which is totally still normal given this is our first child.  However, as a very pregnant person, I am definitely at the point that I would like sooner to occur rather than later.

This week, Baby Mason weighs approximately 7.5 pounds and is 20 inches long.  Currently, the size of a small pumpkin.  Or weirdly shaped basketball if you just judge by my belly.

download (6)

I won’t be seeing my OB until Tuesday, so I am hoping that things start to get a-moving in the baby department soon, because I am sure she will want to have a lengthy discussion with me about my options.  Induction is definitely something I am hoping to avoid, but I do realize if we go a week past the due date, it is something I will have to truly consider.  Baby Mason obviously took our warnings to heart when Mike and I said it couldn’t happen during the World Cup.


Well…World Cup is now over.  Germany, my brethren, have triumphed.  And Messi (who is one of my more favorite soccer players) is sad.  Which means…*earth to Baby Mason* *paging Baby Mason*…you can come out now.  Like now.  Like really now.  Like any minute.  Or not.messi-sad

How I’m Doing: Self inducing, let me say, does not work.  I have officially come to that conclusion, especially since I spent most of my pregnancy being weirdly energetic and doing way too many things I probably shouldn’t have.  Today, I attempted to trim all our bushes in the front yard at promptly 10 AM, detailed the inside of both Mike and my cars, did several loads of laundry, and went on a 3 mile walk.  Nothing worked.  Good riddance.

How Baby’s Doing:  Baby M has to be super cramped.  That’s all I can think.  And he or she really must like being cramped for some reason.  Which likely means my swaddling skills will definitely be needed post-womb.

How Hubby’s Doing:  Mike is hoping that this baby comes pronto.  All this waiting is making him go nuts.  He had a super energetic day as well (like he was trying to induce me by inducing himself).  He went running (randomly early in the morning), biked, cleaned up all my trimming mess, took out all the garbage, and pick up around the house.  He is currently out pulling demon viny shrubberies out of our backyard and likely cursing up a storm.

40 Week Belly Shot:


I am now hoping that by me even publishing this post that it will cue Baby Mason to appear.  *fingers crossed*


4 thoughts on “40 Weeks

  1. I was so sure that you were going to be going to the hospital before the game and deliver right at the end!! Oh well…you’ll be going real soon – trust me!!!

  2. Good luck Eli!! And have them do a membrane sweep if you want to avoid drugs for induction (it should probably hurt, but it worked for me and anyone else that had it done that I spoke with).

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