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39 Weeks

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Hot diggity dog, we’re now at 39 weeks. This pregnancy journey has nearly come to a close as I now have 6 days to go until my due date. (That is, if I go on that date–Baby Mason may have other plans of which I am quite certain this little babe wants to be fashionably late). I can officially say, Mike and I are as ready as we’ll ever be at this point. I know absolutely nothing prepares you for parenthood, but we at least have made sure all the material things are done.

Nursery ready.
Diapers lined up according to size.
All baby items assembled and ready.
Car seats installed.
All our gender neutral clothing washed. (which has a more masculine flare–I apologize to you now my little one if you are indeed a girl)
Hospital bag packed.
House in somewhat good order.

All we need now and are missing is that little face.


This week, Baby Mason is about  or slightly more than 7 pounds and measures 20 inches in length.  He or she is approximately the size of a mini watermelon–how fitting it being a summer baby and all!

download (5)

How I’m Feeling: Ready.  To.  Get.  This.  Party.  Started.  Not that I haven’t enjoyed this time of being pregnant, but I’m definitely more than ready to get to meet this little guy or gal.  I am definitely not looking forward to the act of actually having to get out of there (who would really), but I’m sure all that pain and agony is more than worth it.  I have been slightly frustrated because I have not experienced a single indication that this labor process is coming anytime soon.  Literally nothing.  I don’t think any of the “self inducing tricks” will work for me either because I still have been able to run! If anything, you think i would go into labor as I was waddling down the street.   I am sure this is the same way for most people, but it’s frustrating that each Dr. Appt has indicated that nothing is happening in the downstairs mix-up.  Old Gregg Style.


How Baby is Doing:  Running out of real estate.  I know my stomach may not look that huge, but I don’t think I can stretch out much more because this baby has definitely slowed down.  It no longer is doing the crazy cartwheels, somersaults, and handstands on the regular.  It still moves about, but I no longer am experiencing the kicking fiesta as often.  I wouldn’t be surprised if there is just a giant ball of baby happening in there.  It probably has head nearly touching its rear saying “Mom, can’t you give me a bit more space?”

How Husband is Doing:  I can tell Mike is getting excited for the big day to arrive.  He seems to be more in tune with anything I say or do anymore, as if any ache or pain is indicating it’s GO TIME.  I don’t tell him it, but I think it’s absolutely adorable how attentive he is to me.  He’s going to be an amazing Dad.

39 Weeks Belly Shot:





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