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38 Weeks

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Holy crap nuggets! We are now at 38 weeks and a bit of change and are now under 2 weeks until we get to meet the newest addition to our family.  Am I at the point where I would gladly fast forward until that glorious moment? Umm, yes. Yes.  And more yes.  Mainly because 1) I’m excited to see our baby 2) My sleep can’t possibly get any worse (which I know it will with a newborn, but at least my body won’t reject every sleeping position anymore)  3) The endless trips to the bathroom will soon cease to occur so frequently  4) Maybe my thighs will quit rubbing together  5) I can go back not having to worry about if my stomach or tots are hanging out of my shirts  6) I will be able to tie my shoes, clip my toenails, paint my toenails, and pick up objects off the floor without having to first hold my breath or spent 5 minutes plotting out my plan of attack.

This week, Baby Mason is approximately 6.8 pounds and measures 19.5 inches in length.  He or she is the size of a leek.  And likely much cuter than a leek.



How I’m Feeling: Really pregnant.  And starting to get sick of it.  What I wouldn’t give to be able to lay on my back or stomach or be able to have my husband crack my back again.  That would be nice, I feel like my spine has become a really crooked train track of soreness.  I am also pretty sure my left hip is getting bursitis from always having to sleep on that side.  Gosh darn it.  Can I complain anymore?  I’m pretty sure I can.  I know that in a couple weeks (if that) I will probably miss all of this (maybe).  I think the one thing I may kind of miss would be feeling the little kicks, punches, and bladder karate chops on the regular.  Knowing there is this little person in there doing horrible things to my insides always makes me smile.

How Baby Is Doing:  Doing well.  Heart rate continues to hold very strong, in the 130’s-140’s.  Also, I am pretty sure Baby has dropped it like it’s hot.  Judging by the fact that when I sit, my belly now rests in my lap.  I also noticed at church today, I was unable to really use the kneeler properly because my stomach location was now in the way.  So I was one of those people resting my butt on the pew.  Thanks Baby M!

How Husband Is Doing:  I think it’s starting to set in with Mike that things are about to change with our lives.  There will be no more just us doing whatever we want, whenever we want.  We now will have another person to take into account.  And that person is going to rule our lives for at least 18 years and likely longer.  Mike has been awesome about trying to get our heinous yardwork done, but I have a feeling some of it will have to wait until after the baby arrives…like during naps.  Whoever created vine like plants for ground cover was likely a satist.  Because removing it in order to just create a normal mulch bed is nearly gosh darn impossible.

38 Week Belly Shot (Please ignore my nasty sweat–I’m really gross and sweaty I know)
In my defense this occurred after I managed to run 2.5 miles at 38 weeks pregnant FTW!


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