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37 Weeks

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T-minus 3 more weeks until the arrival of Baby Mason!  Each passing week has been flying by faster, and faster, and faster…which means that the next 21 days are going to be nothing short of a blur.  This is probably because there are still many little things that need to be done to get things ready, and obviously I can’t anymore bank on the fact that I will have all 21 days to procrastinate.  You know, because really the only person that knows what the birthday of this child will be is…the child.

This week, Baby Mason is approximately the size of Swiss Chard, weighing 6.3 pounds and measuring 19 inches in length.  In 2 more weeks, this little guy or gal is going to be considered full term! Crazy to believe.



How I’m Feeling:  23 pounds heavier, that’s how I’m feeling!  I can finally tell that this weight gaining is catching up to me.  My thighs are rubbing together now, my stomach and chestal region are merging to make a super blob whenever I sit down, and if I smell something funny I’m pretty sure I give myself a double chin.  My sleep has been getting worse due to the growing size of my belly.  I wake up every few hours because I literally feel like laying on my side is crushing the baby.  I may be switching to sleeping on the couch soon.  I thought for a hot second today when “attempting to run” that it felt like the baby had dropped because my pelvis felt more sore, but I think this was just a fleeting thought.  Given that at my 36 week check-up that Baby M was nowhere close to descending, I doubt this has happened.  This Babe, I have a feeling, is quite content to remain where he or she is currently.  In a warm, dark, and cramped space.

How Baby is Doing: Baby M continues to remain a content resident in the lower apartment.  He or she doesn’t flip around nearly as often, probably due to cramped quarters, but still continues to move as often as appropriate.  Especially when I attempt to stretch a shoulder at work, because my belly tends to be my favorite place to rest an arm.  Baby M doesn’t like this obviously and has probably kicked each and every one of my rotator cuff repair patients.

How Husband is Doing:  Michael continues to be Saint Michael.  He has been feeling sick this whole past week with a combination of allergies and inheriting my fun illness from 2 weeks ago.  Glad he is getting the illness out of his system now, rather than having it later on!  He still has been cranking out housework like it’s going out of style in order to get things ready for el bebe.

I feel like this week’s posting is uber short, but there is not much new to share besides that…I’m still pregnant.  I’m still kind of running.  And I’m not remotely close to having this baby yet.  Huzzah!

37 Week Belly Shots:



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