Running Through a Fulfilled Life

32 Weeks

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I am now over 7 months pregnant.  And totally feeling it by the way!  It’s amazing to know that in a few weeks, this little dude or dudette (Ninja Turtle terms), will be considered at full term.  I would definitely prefer it to stay in there for the whole marinating time, that way it can pack on the pounds and increase the likelihood that it will be born healthy and ready to rumble in the Mason household.

Baby Mason continues to increase the chunk.  He or she is now 3.75 pounds (the size of a jicama–ps, what do those even taste like?) and is 16.7 inches long.  Basically, things are getting tight and cramped in the downstairs apartment and this baby is certainly letting Mommy’s bladder and ribcage know that.  Sleep is becoming a hot commodity, I usually wake up with pain…somewhere…and toss and turn and make Hubby also experience terrible sleep as well.


My running is slowly deteriorating, but that was probably bound to happen.  I still have a goal to make it to 34-35 weeks, which I think I will be able to achieve as long as I keep things slow…real slow…like slow motion kind of slow.  I managed to run 4 miles prior to my first Baby Shower on Sunday and kept things around a 9:45/mile pace.  I am sure the 10’s will be upon me too, especially as I start to incorporate more walking into my jogging.  What can I say?  Being weighed down by all the things in my frontal area (that are ever expanding and bouncing around) definitely does have an effect on my endurance.

 Speaking of the aforementioned adventures in Baby Showerland, I felt so blessed on Sunday to have all of my family and friends spend the day celebrating our little miracle.  My mom (with the help of my aunts), really helped to make it such a special event that I will be sure to remember for years to come.  We are doing our nursery in Classic (Vintage) Winnie the Pooh, so that was the theme of the day.

IMG_6557 IMG_6558 IMG_6559 IMG_6560 IMG_6580 IMG_6581 IMG_6591 IMG_6598IMG_6600 IMG_6602

Only 8 more weeks to go!  Thanks again to everyone that helped to make Sunday such a special day for me, Michael, and Baby M.  The outpouring of love that we received is appreciated more than words can express!


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