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Welcome to Spring Running


Now that it appears that Spring has finally graced us along the LakeShore with its presence (thank goodness for that), there are some things to definitely keep in mind when it comes to running.  All, or the majority of these things, I re-acquainted myself with today since my seemingly inept pregnancy brain seems to forget everything these days.  I figured I’d post a quick run down, mainly to serve as a checklist for myself, and to get in a post that could be classified as more “running” versus “pregnancy”.

1) Change in Temperatures: This winter has been cold as the Cold Miser’s Toilet.  Therefore, most runners and other outdoors enthusiasts are used to blowing snot icicles after a nice jaunt.  A drastic change in temperature, even though 66 degrees is a welcome relief, can feel like Satan’s Toilet in contrast to the nice 20 degree days we were just having.  Scale back on your pace.  It takes several weeks in order to adjust to a change in climate, a change in temperature.  


2) Sun=Chance for Sunburn.  It can be April and you can get burnt.  Put on your sunscreen please you pale idiot (points at self) and embrace that you now smell like a coconut.  Sun can also be warm and promote sweating.  Make sure to drink fluids regularly and not allow yourself to go to the place known as “I’m seeing dark circles” which usually precedes the place known as “I am now passed out”.

3) LakeShore Winds:  The Lake Erie Shore is always windy as all crap.  I hate wind.  Wind causes another chance for burning my skin that can’t be blocked by the fragrant coconut sunscreen.  It also serves to hand you your butt on a platter in slices when attempting to keep your pace running right into it.  Scale back your pace.  I do believe the South Wind I ran into today was gusting 20-30 mph consistently and it was ever so enjoyable to watch my Garmin drop it like its hot from an 8:45/mile pace to a 10:15/mile pace.  Womp womp, such is life.


4) Dress appropriately.  Always dress for a run like it is going to be 20 degrees warmer than the air temp.  Otherwise you will end up dying inside your clothing.  I ran outside today in a tshirt and capris.  I saw a runner out wearing tights, a long sleeve, a vest, headwrap, and mittens.  I think that person was seasonally confused.  And also very sweaty.


5) Trails are likely Mucky.  When aren’t trails mucky and muddy?  Spring=rainfall and rainfall=mud.  Be prepared to destroy your lovely new running shoes.  Or be smart and wear an old pair.  Or get yourself a good washing machine.

6) Be prepared for anything.  It’s warm out again and likely there will be many others planning to take advantage of the warmer temps.  You will see runners, walkers, bikers out there.  Be courteous.  Be prepared to maybe get chased by a dog.  Be prepared to maybe get chased by a runaway bucket (and do the Good Samaritan thing and chase it down for the older woman who was attempting to use it to garden before it runs away into the busy road).  Be prepared for cars and drivers to forget to look for you.  Always be safe.

Happy Running!


2 thoughts on “Welcome to Spring Running

  1. Thanks for the reminder about sunburned skin, lol. I live in Central PA where the weather can still be cool, and I’m like, “YUP! Cold weather means no burn, right!?” Yeah… Not. Even with clouds I think the rays only get shielded like 5-10 percent.

    Loved the tips. And the preparation. Gotta love running! Bring on the mud!

    • I always forget about wearing sunscreen until I come home and start to wonder why my face feels on fire! I too love a muddy run, something so satisfying about having it caked all up your legs…proof that you really were out there!

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