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25 Weeks


It’s officially 25 weeks (and a day) but who’s counting, really?  Baby Mason is now the size of a rutabaga.  Which, by the way, sounds absolutely disgusting.  He or she measures nearly 13 1/2 inches and weighs 1.5 pounds.  At least we now can safely say some of my weight gain is now “the baby” 🙂


Since I am too lazy to take a post-workout pic this week, we will settle for my Instagram one.

Since I am too lazy to take a post-workout pic this week, we will settle for my Instagram one.

Speaking of weight gain, I am definitely up about 12 pounds.  I still don’t feel like it though, because I look down and only see newly formed mass in my mid section.  Plus, I still am able to fit in the majority of my jeans (although snug) and my running pace continues to hover around 9:00/mile.  I guess the weight is being distributed around my frontal regions.

In other baby world news, we finally have been able to get our baby registry done!  It is definitely overwhelming trying to register for items that you have absolutely no expertise.  Thank goodness for the interwebs, friends with babies, and parental guidance.  Also, even though I already knew this (duh moment)…babies are pretty expensive!  All I know is that this child’s room, furniture, clothing, and toys will wind up being nicer than all our things for the next few years.

Which probably explains why during our last ultrasound, Baby Mason appeared to be smiling as if to say “I already got you guys wrapped around my little finger”.  That little nugget already has things figured out.

Sorry that this post seems to be so short, but there’s really not a whole lot new to share.  On the running front, I have now worked my way up to being able to handle 5 mile runs (with only some minor aches and pains in my low back) in preparation for Union City Half Marathon.  It will be a new and different experience to run this race as a relay (I’ve done the half twice), run it while being pregnant, and see how many times I curse the terrible hills of the course.  I am sure pregnant thighs+demon hills=Holy Crap My Pubic Bone Is Going Shatter.  I am already preparing to sit in a vat of Icy Hot after the race.

I am running from Mile 7.5 to the finish.  Mostly because I'm stupid.

I am running from Mile 7.5 to the finish. Mostly because I’m stupid.



3 thoughts on “25 Weeks

  1. Eli! Babies aren’t that expensive- I think. Most of the stuff the stores try to sell or say you need, isn’t really needed. Funny how much my perception has changed after having one (though with my first I thought I needed it all…)

    All u need is diapers, clothes (not thatuch, cuz they grow so quickly!) and boobs!! (Diapers can get expensive, but we went the cloth diaper route and big expense up front but will end up saving us at least $1k)

    • I think it’s more the overwhelming costs of getting the nursery ready 🙂 We still have to paint, get the crib, dresser, and glider. I did order some new window treatments though already, priorities are definitely in the right order! haha

  2. And PS. You look great!!!!!

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