Running Through a Fulfilled Life

23 Weeks


The weeks continue to fly at a rate that’s borderline exhilarating and borderline “I’m gonna pee my pants from nervousness”.  This week Baby Mason measures 11 inches in length and is approximately the size of a mango.  That’s one food I can get on board with, I love mango margaritas.  Wait, that’s probably not the best use for mango.  Or something I can’t have for another 4-5 months.  Drat.


Baby Mason had it’s first ultrasound appointment this past week as well.  It is hard to describe watching your baby on a screen, not being able to take your eyes away from it’s image for a second.  I hardly even looked at my Husband at all.  I loved taking in each image that was presented.  And I have come to the conclusion…he or she looks exactly like Mike.  It’s like he managed to mate with himself or implant a clone in my body.  I may start referring to Baby as Mini Mike from now on.  At the ultrasound, the tech said Baby is now weighing 1 pound, 1 ounce and is right on track for appropriate size.

This week also marked another milestone in my own life…a BIRTHDAY!  Happy 29 years old to me, I will forever stay this age because I don’t want to hit the “30 something” mark.  Nothing against it, but I think the 30-34 age group is more competitive than 25-29 sometimes, so I think for my future running career this is also a good choice.  Some birthday pics from our little mini family shindig:


We are so clever with wrapping this around me in just that right way


Best gift ever! Ready to get into some more cycling this fall and next year…Pedal to the Point here I come! And maybe a duathlon debut…


I also commemorated my 23 Weeks Celebration by throwing in something I used to do a whole bunch of…RUNNING RACES!  On a spur of the moment decision, I decided to register for one of my favorite races on the Subway Challenge Series Calendar–The Louisville St. Patrick’s Day 5K.  Knowing that I would automatically set a Pregnancy PR, I was eager to run for fun and with little to no expectation.  I just wanted to make sure to keep things comfortable, easy breezy with my breathing, and earn myself (and baby) a new Race Shirt!

I found myself running faster than any of my training runs have been over the past…well, month.  However, I discovered quickly that 1) It felt much better to run fast aka no pubic bone discomfort and 2) I wasn’t breathing hard to do it.  Oh happy day.  I know I won’t always have good running days with pregnancy (just like when not pregnant we all have horrendous running days), but I was thankful to squeak in just one.

Baby Mason nudged me out for the win (By a Belly) and we turned in a 25:17 (8:09/mile pace).  And the surprise of all surprises happened after I managed to happily slurp down some tomato soup (seriously all food tastes better when pregnant and just after a run), I actually won an Age Group Award!

Baby and I took 2nd Place and earned ourselves the following prize:


Me running strong and belly doesnt even look like its there!

Me running strong and somehow…my belly doesnt even look like its there!


2 thoughts on “23 Weeks

  1. I am also 23 weeks, cannot believe that you are managing to run so well at this stage! I am still so tired out! Wow, inspired.

    • Thanks! There are days it definitely doesn’t go like that, where my mile pace is more like 9:30-10:00/mile and feels like I’m slogging through molasses. Hopefully you will hit a burst of energy soon!

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