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19 Weeks

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It’s almost Week 19 (on Saturday)!  Baby Mason is now the size of an heirloom tomato, weighs 8.5 ounces and measures 6 inches in length!
ImageI had my 18 week prenatal appointment this week.  I look forward to these appointments because it reassures my worrying that everything is still looking good.  I guess the trait of worrying can be very hereditary, right Mom (aka screenname: worrywart)?  The heart beat remains strong and my vitals look good as well.  My OB even commented “I don’t know how you are still wearing your normal pants!”  I am sure my normal pants will probably only last another few weeks, but it has been nice being able to hold off on purchasing maternity clothes.  Since I like to wear my pants low (not hanging off my butt low you sickos) and since Baby Mason apparently likes to reside more around my midsection, things still are fitting ok.  For now.  Probably not for long.  I will probably longingly look back to these days and miss them later on.

The only new things I have been noticing lately are:  my face has decided to revert back to puberty and deliver me a gift of acne.  Thanks, face.  I have been getting muscle cramps in my calves when I am trying to sleep and point my toes.  Nothing like experiencing calf cramps that I usually don’t get until the 13th Mile of a Half Marathon or the 90th Minute of a Soccer Game.  I have finally started to feel that “fluttering” that is described as being the first signs of Baby Movement.  We also have a defiant baby in there too.  I told Mike that Baby Mason must be doing back flips while we were watching the Olympics because it was constant movement.  He says, “You better knock that off” to the Baby (since, you know, it totally listens to our orders and stuff).  5 seconds of silence later, Baby goes back to training for snowboarding slopestyle in the 2034 Winter Games.  I love it.


2 nights ago, I swear the bump grew.  It now is a little more obvious.  Especially since I am still convinced that I can continue to wear my normal Size Small Workout attire.  You just gotta want it.  And I want to not buy maternity workout clothes.  Ever.




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