Running Through a Fulfilled Life

Week 18

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Can’t believe I am nearly halfway through this wonderful journey!  This week, Baby Mason is the size of a Bell Pepper and is weighing in at approximately 5.5 ounces.


Why is it that pregnancy is equated to food all the time? Oh wait, because that’s pretty much all I do. Eat. Think about eating. Eat again.


Nothing much has changed since last week, although I did find myself getting a little more fatigued during my workouts.  I am finding that when it comes to running, I am requiring a much slower warm-up mile until I can get back up to my typical pacing.  A novel concept I know, since warming up is generally something Pre-Pregnancy Eli scoffed at.  Except now, Eli is paying for that.  And probably paying for the past month of running on nothing more than a treadmill (I am becoming what we call a “Soft, Wussy Type of a Runner”).  In the form of a cranky, wonky hamstring.  It is probably also due in part to the fact that my hips and SI joint are not liking the stresses that are being placed upon them.  What am I saying? I have been experiencing some pain right along my glute crease, along the ischial tuberosity.  I am hoping it chills the flip out because for a hot second I was worried about a stress fracture.  But then I thought, “Self, you are not running enough or being active enough to even cause a stress fracture” (8-12 miles per week without any increasing mileage–more like it keeps decreasing).  And so therefore, I think I’m dealing with a minor proximal hamstring strain.  Bah humbug.  #PregnancyProblems.

Not much change in the size of the belly, either.  People still don’t know I’m pregnant unless I tell them, *le sigh*.



Fun fact: I keep thinking I feel the “flutters” that everyone talks about when saying the baby moves, but I am pretty sure it’s just gas. Or my stomach growling because it wants it 10th meal of the day. #MorePregnancyProblems


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