Running Through a Fulfilled Life

16 Weeks


In 2 days, but who’s counting really?  Thursdays are really only my good day to write a blog, so it is what it is…I will be posting a little early from here on out.  Another week in the books in what is definitely going to be an interesting, exciting, nerve-racking, and blessed journey.  This week I have noticed a small change in the size of the bump, but not by much really.  However, it is enough of a change that now some of my Size 5 pants are starting to be uncomfortably tight…good thing I still have some 7’s to switch to until I am ready for maternity!  After all, baby is now the size of an avocado.

Well Herro there Baby Avocado Mason…

My energy levels continue to remain good and my empty tummy nausea trend seems to be waning finally.  My appetite has definitely come back in full and I am trying to eat a variety of foods rather than just my declaration of “I think I’m going to have a bowl of cereal for dinner because everything else in this house sounds horrible!”  The only aversions I’ve had are in relation to smell and these ones have definitely produced a gag or 10: Smelly Garbage (Hello Michael this is why you take out the trash), Smoker’s Breath and Clothing (almost gagged on a patient at work the other day), and the smell of our Deep Fryer after Michael makes Pierogies (Dont ask me why that is, so weird because I enjoy eating said pierogies).

One new thing I don’t particularly appreciate is my new affinity for TERRIBLE DEMON HIP PAIN at night.  I fall asleep and wake up 3 hours later with one hip hurting.  I switch sides and then an hour later the other hip hurts.  After that it feels like I’m playing the game called: Drive Eli Insane by Seeing How Many Times She Can Roll Over In Bed Before Her Husband Tells Her She’s Annoying And Needs to Knock That Off.  So, I consulted some of my friends and the Interwebs and determined it was time to buy a Body Pillow.  Enter: Rico Sauve.

Here is my Hubby spooning with my new friend

I have now been sleeping with my buddy for a few nights and I will admit, it has helped but has not totally alleviated the situation.  And now, when I need to roll over, I have to roll with a giant body pillow and try not to bodyslam my Husband with it.  I have yet to be 100% successful at this.  If anyone has any pointers for how to relieve hip pain besides just using the pillow, it would be appreciated!  I have been trying to stretch, stretch, and stretch some more both before I go to bed and after I wake up, but I still walk around like my hips are broken for about an hour.  Le lame.  Apparently this is all just a sign that my tiny hips are now preparing themselves for the fact that Baby Mason will be requiring more space in his or her 40 week apartment rental.



4 thoughts on “16 Weeks

  1. Cute bump, sweetie! Honestly, it just looks like you’re sticking your stomach forward a bit…….think it will still be awhile before you need those maternity tops! What a happy picture! Love you! mommy

  2. You should host a baby name vote! No advice on the hip thing, but Im glad you’ve been feeling better otherwise. Are you still running? Cant wait to hear more!

    • I can hardly come up with baby names! Every time I think of one, I think of a reason NOT to name the baby it. I am still running, have cut back to doing only 3-4 miles at a time. Find that if I try to do more, I have to stay really extra hydrated!

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