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15 Weeks

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Alright, so maybe I am a hair (or hare) short of being 15 weeks–by 2 days–preggo.  Close enough.  My goal is to (hopefully) provide a week-by-week posting of how life, work, running, and my body are changing right before my eyes.

I think this is now the first time that I can definitely tell…I have a belly.  It may not be very big or noticeable to anyone else but me, but I can definitely tell when I look down that it slightly popping out over my pants line.  Which of course, is making me hate the very thought of wearing a belt like ever.  However, it is generally considered rude to provide others with a sweet shot of your plumber’s crack, so I guess I will continue to wear them until I can officially start busting out my maternity pants.  Which, by the way, I purchased a pair today.  They kind of reminded me of turning myself into a cased sausage by how far the belly panel comes up.  Oh well, tis better to compress thy belly than allow thy belly to jiggle about.

My energy continues to be surprisingly good.  I have not been getting overly tired like I did early on and I am now working back into my normal workout routine.  I was able to traverse Ye Olde Huron for 4.5 miles today and actually noticed a slight pick-up in my pace.  Granted, my pace has been nothing compared to what it usually was pre-pregnancy, but it was kind of nice to look down at the Garmin and see “8 something” pop up.  It may have only been 8:49/mile, but still…nice.  To be expected really, because everything I’ve read about running and pregnancy pretty much states the same: you can expect to drop 1-1:30/mile pace from your usual times.  And honestly, I don’t really mind.  It has been kind of nice running without any pressure, any training plan, any goals or aspirations, and just simply focusing on the act of lacing up the shoes and enjoying a nice winter run.


My 14 Week Check-up also went well this week.  Everything is looking good and Baby Mason is healthy with a strong heartbeat.  I am now entering the Second Trimester and can expect that Baby will be growing in size substantially over the rest of the course of my pregnancy.  Can’t wait until we get our ultrasound done in 8 weeks!

The only thing I have discovered about Baby Mason is that apparently he or she (since we are not finding out gender) does not like Chipotle.  After thoroughly destroying my Burrito Bowl last night, I awoke this morning and dry heaved like no one’s business.  Well played, little nugget, well played.


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  1. Thanks for sharing. You look great!

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