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I Obviously Suck Lately at Blogging


So…it’s been only like 2.5 months since the last time I wrote a lick of a posting.  I kept meaning to, but then I would say “Oh, next week I’ll do it”.  And next week, obviously, never happened.  It’s not that I haven’t been doing anything.  Rather, it’s been the complete opposite of that.  The Holidays are really mostly to blame for my blogging inactivity, like 75% Holidays, 20% Laziness, and 5% Inability to formulate appropriate words to compose an entry.

What all has passed since last blog entry-eth?

1) Thanksgiving: Which was a great time spent with family.  Lots of good eats and good times.

2) Massive amounts of craziness leading up to Christmas.  Purchasing of mass quantities of gifts.  Attempting to set a new record for how much I could online shop (probably 75% of all gifts were purchased online this year).  Freaking out that I had shopped at Target during their security breach.  Boycotting Target ever since.

3) Subway Challenge Series Banquet:  My Running year of 2013 had many ups and downs.  A goal I had secretly set for the beginning of 2013 was to (at the series banquet) finish in the Top 5 Females.  This looked to not be in the cards, after I finally succumbed to the fact that my knee was not getting better and would need surgery.  However, I was able to bounce back quickly, finished the required number of races and finished 5th OA!  It was a bittersweet accomplishment in a year that, although it did not quite go my way, saw me grow leaps and bounds with shorter distances (2013 was not going to hold long distance in the cards post-surgery).  I became more mentally tough; learning how to push myself harder than I ever thought possible.  It only makes me quite certain, in the future, that any goal I set can be attained.  Although 2013 wasn’t quite the dominant year of the PR, I was able to set new PR’s in both the 3 and 4 mile distances.

4) Ran one race:  The Santa Hustle 5K.  NOT the experience that it was the previous year.  The race was the day after a pretty epic December Lake Snowstorm, which obviously was not handled quite properly by the RD or the Street Crews.  It was windy, cold, and wet.  I was so glad I chose to only do the 5K and run it with one of my BFF’s.

4) Celebrated Christmas Mason Style the Weekend before: Had lots of good eats (again) and lots of quality family time.


5) Spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day tending to a sicky sickerson of a Husband.  The Flu is never a nice thing.  Especially when it happens on what is supposed to be one of the most wonderful days of the year.

6) Post-Christmas Festivities with the Marchand Family:  Once again, MORE FOOD.  Death by food.  Lots of family time.  The contraction of a post-holiday illness for me (methinks I may now have bronchitis)

7) Snow Vortex: I have now been holed up in our house like Nanook of the North for what seems like forever.  This Cold/Snow/SuckerofFun Vortex has now made me officially sick of winter.  I am a winter hater and will plan to, in my older years, be one of those people that resides in Florida for 75% of the year.


My New Year’s Resolution is to keep this more up-to-date.  We’ll see how resolved I am!  Happy Running!



4 thoughts on “I Obviously Suck Lately at Blogging

  1. That Snowmageddon storm was horrible. Mostly because we were stuck inside so long. Ugh.

  2. I was bummed I couldn’t run the Santa Hustle… now not so much! I also took a long blogging hiatus. Welcome back!

    • Yeah you didn’t miss out on much this year…but yet, I will still be back to run it next year! Sometimes a break is a good time to decompress and come back with new ideas and outlooks…welcome back!

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