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Another Crazy Weekend


Things continue to be nothing but crazy in the Mason household.  It literally is one thing…after another…after another.  The craziness could stop anytime soon, right?  But probably not.

Case in point, last weekend.

On Friday, we picked up the keys to our HOUSE!  And proceeded to quickly take the customary pictures by the FOR SALE sign before anyone came outside to see just how big of dorks we are.

We finally got to celebrate Mike’s belated birthday with my side of the family and combined it with a belated celebration of my Mom’s birthday as well.  Better late (by over a month) than never, right?  Had a nice meal Friday night at 3Brothers Tavern with cake and ice cream later in the evening.  Mike was pumped that he finally got his bike rack for his vehicle…which now means our bikes are more mobile and will likely get more use (probably not this year–boo, heinous coldness).

Saturday morning I woke up bright and early to run in The Great Pumpkin Run, which is put on by the Stark County Board of Developmental Disabilities.  I have always loved this race, as its proceeds go towards a great cause and it takes place usually during my favorite weather.  I hadn’t run this race since 2010, so I was pretty sure that I would improve upon my previous time.  It is a 4 mile race, and given that those are also fairly rare, I figured no matter what I did that it would be a PR.  

I got dressed to the 9’s.  And by this I mean I pulled my Bee Costume out of retirement and got ready to buzz around.

Sandusky is what I often refer to as “The Great Plains of Ohio” because there are very few hills to train upon.  Therefore, whenever I get to a course that has even the babiest (not a word) of hills, I probably suck more wind than the average Joe or Jane.  This course is definitely full of rollers, but not significant hills.  Don’t tell my body that, because it felt like I was scaling large beast hills.  I started to get tired around Mile 2, which is way too early, but I kept trying to keep my effort equal throughout the race.


I managed to buzz in with a 28:25.  Good enough for 3rd overall with an average pace of 7:07.  Looking back, I actually ran equal mile splits for the first time in…the history of my running career.  Hurrah!

Later Saturday evening, we drove down to Wright State to watch Greg (my little, but not so little at the same time, bro) play his Senior Night game against Green Bay.  It was an exciting match that saw Wright State come out on top in Double OT, with Greg getting an assist on the match-winning goal.  Marchand family FTW!



Since the game ran so late, we didn’t get home until 2:30 in the morning and therefore were mostly worthless the rest of Sunday.  Based upon the Browns game, you would think they also were up until 2:30 in the morning.  Or maybe that was just Davone Bess.

Womp, womp.


3 thoughts on “Another Crazy Weekend

  1. omg look how grown up you guys are! A real house and everything, oh where does the time go 😉
    Your new house looks amazeballs and your street looks so homy! homie? something like that

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