Running Through a Fulfilled Life

Life Lately


Absence makes the heart grow stronger.  Or at least in this case, absence from my blog should make my content seem super exiting and awesome when I do get around (like now) to actually updating it.

Life lately has been pretty busy and full of lots of random, I’m really an adult now, kind of things.

Let’s recap my week so far:
Saturday–Drove 3 hours total to make sure I could participate in Stephen’s Sunrise Pi Mile again.
It’s been 3 years now, but it seems like it was just yesterday that many lives were changed in the Jackson Twp area.
This race will always be near and dear to my heart, and I love how the sun rises as the racers prepare for their journey.  It was rough running after waking up super early, driving that far, and having my morning coffee provide me with the gurgles.  However, I did my best for the day and turned in a 22:55 (7:16/mile as this course is 3.14 miles–PI!) in order to place 3rd Overall on what I’ll definitely describe as a challenging, hilly course (7-8 hills for a 5K is a lot).  Hopefully this race continues to grow because it is for a great cause!

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Sunday--Watched the Browns shart on their foot (or maybe it was just BWeeden that sharted on the Browns) and we did some of this business.  Managed to squeak in a 5.5 mile run in 43′.

Monday–My work schedule has now changed so I am working on adjusting to different hours.  My body has a hard time adjusting to Daylight Savings Time, so we can only hope this goes better than that.  I did not work out because my favorite thing to do after work is curl up on my couch in the Fetal position and pretend that I am stuck to it with Super Glue.

Tuesday–Managed to squeeze in a half hour sesh on the Elliptical and do a Lower Body Circuit at the clinic.  I also managed to successfully avoid further packing.

Wednesday (Today)–What is all this packing I speak of?  Oh, we only close on our house today that’s all.  And need to be out of the apartment by mid November.  My procrastination skills are being put on display as shown by my lack of drive to put things in boxes and tape them shut.  I ran 6.4 miles in 51′ in order to quell my anxiety towards giving the Title Company a large sum of money (YIKES!).  It did now work and I am still imaginary peeing my pants at the thought that by the end of the day we will finally be new homeowners!


So yeah…things will likely only get more crazy from here on out.  I’m hoping by winter I can go back to being a good little blogger again.  Or at least pretend to be.


4 thoughts on “Life Lately

  1. Are you working 4 10s? I’m jealous! Right now I work 5 9-10s. I’m tired. And old.

    Whenever I move I end up tossing a bunch of stuff because I am too tired to actually move it.

  2. That’s what I “work” but my days wind up usually being more than that…probably been doing about 45 or more hours each week for the past few months…it gets so tiring! I’m thinking about throwing everything away so I don’t have to move anything, good move right?

  3. Congrats on the new home! That can be pretty scary but so rewarding!

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