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Back to Back Racing 101


Since my recent brush with injury, I have been trying to keep things simple.  KISS (keep it simple, stupid) anyone?  I have been avoiding running back to back days and have been mixing more variety into my workouts.  Box jumps WHAT?  Only within the past 2 weeks have I even attempted 2 days in a row of running, but it has taken a while to get over the soreness that it sometimes causes.  So being the brilliant human being that I am, I decided to race both days of this past weekend.

Saturday: Beach City 5K
Location: Beach City, OH
Start Time: 9AM
Weather: Terrible.  My least favorite running weather: aka a downpour.


The Good: I stayed mentally tough during not so nice running conditions.  Splashing through puddles tends to weigh down my body and my contact lenses kept sliding out of focus which is hazardous considering I’m pretty blind without them (just ask my husband)
The Bad: I missed setting the age group record for the course by 9 seconds.  I feel if the weather had been different I would have gotten it.
The Ugly: prune feet and ugly runner face
Finish Time: 22:26 (7:14/mile) 4th OA (out of 94 females), 1st AG



Sunday Race: Brace Against Hunger 5K
Location: Canton, OH
Start Time: 9AM
Weather: A brilliant turnaround from the day before.  In the mid 50’s, sunny, minimal wind.


The Good: I responded well to having tired legs.  I stayed mentally tough on a rolling, hilly course and didn’t have to give any piggy back rides to the finish (these guys at the starting lines have some jokes eh).  I stayed so tough that I managed to outkick the 2nd Place Girl that I battled throughout at the end.  I may not be good at many things nor know what I am doing with many things involved with running, but I take pride in my flat out speed.  Ain’t nobody be beatin me in that final stretch.  I stayed so tough, in fact, that I captured a new PR accidentally.  21:23!  I can only hope that once I am able to do speedwork again that my times will continue to improve.
The Bad: Hills really take it out of me and I probably sounded like a chain smoker by the finish.  This race had some issues with post-race awards but it appears the race director is planning to take these concerns seriously for next year.  So I will forgive them!
The Ugly: The douche that apparently was offended enough that a girl caught him from behind and chicked him, that he found it necessary to cut in front and almost take me out at the finish line.  Can I emphasize DOUCHE enough?  It caused the race announcer to not even announce me as the winner because no one could see me.  DOUCHE BEHAVIOR FTW.

Finish: 21:23 (6:53/mile) 1st OA (out of 307 females) and the best part A NEW SHINY 2013 PR!! I didn’t think I would ever PR this year.  Gosh dang injury.




Needless to say, I was a little tired after the second race.  And since being tired means you should drive up to Cleveland, narrowly avoid a gnarly car wreck on I-77, and visit with your favorite college friends like it’s back to 2004, I was really tired but had a really awesome runtastic and friendtastic weekend.


2 thoughts on “Back to Back Racing 101

  1. lol runtastic/friendtastic weekend. Totally worth driving for.

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