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Race Recap: ACH Steppin Out for Hospice 5K


I have been putting off this race recap hoping that the pictures that were taken would be put online so I could promptly insert them into my post.  Unfortunately, they have not been posted and therefore this post will be brief, to the point, and with very few pictures.  I am LE SAD.  And also LE TIRED.


This race has been a favorite of mine since I ran it last year.  It’s all for a great cause and Alliance Community Hospital does a fantastic job of putting on this nighttime race.  Isn’t nighttime racing just the best?!  The sun goes down, doesn’t bake me and feel like I’m running faster than I actually am.  FTW.

Although the temps were a little warmer than I normally like, I still was ready to get after it.  I warmed up with my Mom and stretched out, hoping that I could put together a semi-decent race.  After my surprisingly happy runfest of a 5K at Canalway, I was really hoping to at least equal that effort.



Oh Look it’s a very Neon colored T-Rex!

Everyone lined up, the National Anthem was sung, and the gun went off.  My only gripe with this race is the crazy start.  The course turns to the left quickly, causing everyone to cut the corner and start running on the sidewalk.  WHICH IS CHEATING BY THE WAY.  I always try to stay on the road, but when someone with headphones almost pile drives you into a telephone pole, it is sometimes hard to avoid running on the curb.


The first mile is slightly downhill, turns into Mount Union’s Campus and then runs through neighborhood streets.  Although mostly flat, there are quite a few rollers from Miles 2-3.  Self talk was the name of the game for this race.  Push here.  Reign it in.  Keep your cadence.  Focus.  Focus.  Focus.

Mile 1 clicked in at 6:48.

Mile 2 clicked in at 7:02

Mile 3 clicked in around 7:12

The last 0.1 was a blur at 6:30 pace.

I left it all out there.  I felt like puking at the end.  But I got a resurgence when I heard someone yell as I was coming back towards ACH that “Here’s the first female!”

To which I thought, what first female?  I had paid little attention to where I was in the overall race, but I was certain there had to be others ahead of me.  Apparently not.

I crossed the finish line in 21:47.  (7:01/mile pace)

Overall: 26/285
Females: 1/158
Division: 1/16



I met up with some old running friends after the race, so great lately to be able to see some very familiar faces…and I can thank Jackie for taking this cool picture of me afterwards!



6 thoughts on “Race Recap: ACH Steppin Out for Hospice 5K

  1. Time twins! I ran that at last weeks race

  2. God you’re fast! Another win in the books, your comeback seems like it’s done. You’re back!

  3. Excellent! And gosh, you are fast indeed! Congrats!

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