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Race Recap: Canalway Classic 5K #I’mBackB


I did it guys!  I registered for a 5K.  I ran said 5k.  I finished said 5k.  And my knee behaved.  A win on all fronts!

I was slightly nervous going into August 10th’s race day because during the week, my knee was a little sore.  The soreness was totally my fault since I broke my new rules by running 3 days in a row (Holy Dumb, Eli) and obviously paid for it.  I probably spent 20 minutes stretching my hamstring on Friday, foam rolled the heck out of my right leg, iced my knee, and e-stim’d my muscles to throw up the Hail Mary that come Saturday morning it would feel good enough to run upon.

Saturday morning, I was still a little sore, although not nearly as bad as it had been Friday.  So I got dressed in my least matching race outfit ever.  Because you totally look like you mean business when you appear to have been dressed in the dark, while blindfolded, and after being spun around on a baseball bat.

I arrived nearly an hour before race time with my parentals to board the bus over to the starting line.  Walked around, reconnected with familiar faces that probably thought I had fallen off the face of the earth, pottied myself, jogged, stretched, and mentally prepared myself for what was to come.  I was not nervous, which is not normal for me at all.  I was calm and ready to run.  Expecting nothing out of yourself has its perks.

I lined further back than normal from the start line.  Soon after, the gun sounded and we were off.  Since this was my 4th time running this race, I know the course like the back of my hand.  It starts slightly uphill, turns, goes downhill, uphill, turns again onto the Towpath Trail for a nice long flat until you finally veer off the Trail to go uphill and than downhill to the finish.  My totally long run-on sentence essentially means this course is notorious for producing PR City.  Obviously this was not happening for someone 7 weeks off a knee surgery.

I tried to keep my effort feeling hard, but sustainable.  I avoided looking down at my watch and just latched onto a runner I knew that would keep a steady pace.  So what if that runner is over 70 years old.  He’s an awesome runner for his age and I was grateful to him this particular day.  

Mile 1–7:04
Mile 2–7:14
Mile 3–7:12
Mile 0.1–5:50/mile pace
Final Finish: 22:22 (7:12/mile)
Overall: 78/490
Females: 15/263
Age Group: 3/23

Also, can I express how much I love the new ChronoTrack timing system in that I can relive the awful facial expressions I make in live time again and again while finishing races? Totally awesome.

All in all, I am so so so happy with this race result.  I ran much better than expected, didn’t hurt afterwards, and was able to enjoy a wonderful weekend with my ‘rents.  What more could I ask?




4 thoughts on “Race Recap: Canalway Classic 5K #I’mBackB

  1. Welcome back! I can’t wait to start racing again. Hoping this asthma stays in check and lets me! I love that there was a link to the results when you crossed the finish line.

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