Running Through a Fulfilled Life

Pardon Me for My Absence


June has already started out as a very busy month for this Eli.

It started with a race I had no business running.

It progressed to a family vacation in South Carolina that had been planned for over a year.  Leading me to take a long hiatus from the internets and real life in order to decompress, recuperate mentally, and get ready for a knee surgery.  I have also decided if anyone is interested in splitting up the cost of beach front property, I am so game.  I could spend everyday on the beach and not even be mad.  The only thing holdiing me back is that I don’t have disposable income to drop it like it’s hot on a half million dollar beach house.

June then progressed to a very important date: June 18.  The day in which I married the love of my life in front of all our family and friends 2 years ago.  The past 2 years have been absolutely wonderful and more than I could have possibly imagined.  I can’t wait to see what the next few years hold for us. 
ImageJune 18 was promptly followed up by June 19 (as apparently is dictated by the calendar).  I went under the knife and had my right (finally) scoped.  Because we had lack of a clear MRI, my Doc was going based off my symptoms.  Good news: no actual tear of my meniscus and no cyst.  Things were definitely beat up in there, so he only had to clean things up.  However, apparently my meniscus on that side of my knee is “not really good” and “it could be good or bad” in that I could either suffer a tear down the road or be perfectly fine.  Nothing like having things spelled out as either one or the other.  Gosh dang.

So that’s where June stands as of today.  I am currently holed up in my apartment recovering like a boss.  Not allowed to shower until tomorrow (which means I’m extra smelly) and have been able to initiate full weightbearing for short distances.

The rest of June is going to be spent being a super awesome Bridesmaid to one of my very best friends from college.  Jess’s shower is this weekend only to be followed up by her bachelorette party the following weekend.  Enough things to keep me occupied and in denial that my current work-out routine of ankle pumps, quad sets, and straight leg raises are indeed not the equivalent of “running” and “playing soccer”.


Eli OUT.



2 thoughts on “Pardon Me for My Absence

  1. Your June recovery will be epic with the shower and bachelorette party tossed in there! I cannot wait to see you 2 weekends in a row! Seriously cannot wait!

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