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Operation Embrace the Positives

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#OperationEmbraceTheSuck continues to be out in full force.  My buns of steel are coming in nicely from my miles of bike riding and my body is preparing itself for a beach vacation.  It’s not about working out harder, just working out smarter.  And the thought of prancing around in a bikini in June is full motivation to continue staying active.  I am not going for Baywatch slow motion; we all know those high cut one pieces are flattering on NO ONE.  I am going for slow motion, power walking in a bathing suit that semi flatters my twig frame.

T-minus 11 days until I have a visit with the Great and All Powerful Wizard of Knees.  The long wait is finally coming to a close so I can have some clarity.  By the way, who else thinks 2 months is way too long to have to wait to see a Doctor?  Anyone? Buehler?

Today was even a good enough day that I was able to go running with my Mom.  I have maybe run 1-2 times per week since about mid April.  It is sad to see that the same pace is taking much more effort to maintain.  I guess that is what is referred to as: “Losing Fitness” and “Getting out of shape” and “Sucking Major Nuggets”.  Anyways, Momma and I ran 5 miles together to celebrate Mother’s Day early.  It was nice to spend slightly under 45 minutes chit chatting and maneuvering through my childhood neighborhood.  I even got the biggest compliment I have in a while:

one of my neighbors yelled out “Hey!! Do you run for Jackson?”

to which I had to respond, “I wish I was still that young!”

So I guess that’s a positive.  That I A) (when running) appear to still be in high school.  and B) Must look like I somewhat know what I am doing related to said running and C) am built like I am still going through puberty.  Joy to my world.


My MS Paint skills know no boundaries. You only thought I was running in my sports bra. I now am wearing my Jackson singlet.



One thought on “Operation Embrace the Positives

  1. Haha I love the paintshop job.Your skills are way better than mine. Get that knee better soon so that we can race this fall 🙂

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