Running Through a Fulfilled Life



Oh hashtags.  Just the word makes my brother annoyed.  So annoyed I have wanted to create a parody Twitter account of him and tweet nothing but hashtags.  That, however, is besides the point.  They definitely have their place, especially in social media.  One of my favorite Instagram hashtags lately has been #TBT aka “Throwback Thursday”.  Since today is Thursday and because I have nothing else productive to do, I am turning a blog post into ThrowBack Thursday so you can see where my “roots” evolved.

Hello my name is Elizabeth and I am a child model for Osh Kosh B’Go

My Lil Bro and I enjoyed impromptu photo sessions

At someone’s not soon forgotten…ever…bachelorette party

My College Family

My Napoleon Dynamite phase

Testing for intention tremor…don’t worry, it’s a PT thing.

PT School was stressful

Being all European and crap in Amsterdam in 2007

Ok, that’s enough Throwing Back for now.  Anymore and I am going to wind up wanting to dig through my Mom’s vaults of baby pictures.  You know, cause that’s cool and fun and all.  God lord, do I need to be able to run soon.


2 thoughts on “#TBT

  1. I’m confused. Is that first picture really you or is it a doll? It’s sad that I even have to ask that.
    That college family pic is one of my favorites. I might need to crop “someone” out of it so I can use it for some wedding stuff. Maybe I’ll photo shop Mike in there. LOL

    • I do kind of look like a giant doll…I guess as a child my porcelain complexion was just that perfect. Sad what has happened to it now haha. And yes, please photoshop Mike in there with one of his weird faces! Or maybe a sleeping picture

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