Running Through a Fulfilled Life

Operation #EmbraceTheSuck


With my running miles at a minimum and a grand total of T-minus 18 days until I get to see my “hopeful” magician of an Orthopedic Doctor, it is hard not to feel slightly sad.  Trying to stay active without my favorite activities of running and running involved sports (soccer, tennis) is hard to do.  I see someone running outside in this gorgeous weather and think “man, they are so lucky”.  Last year at this time when my knee saga began, I had feelings of anger and rage towards other runners that I would see.  Now, I have resigned myself to feeling more sad for myself and happy for others that can still embrace the gift of putting one foot in front of the other.

So it has begun…I’m embracing the suck.  The suck that involves not really running.  The suck that involves my sucky knee.  The suck that involves hurting at the end of a 10-11 hour work day.  The timing of all my extra hours at work could not have been worse.  It started right when my knee monster started hurting again.

Embracing the suck also means embracing a being I’ve long neglected in a garage full of dust.  My super old, super gnarly Huffy.  The Huffy I used to ride to PT School and whose seat would slowly go down with each bump I hit.  

Well today, I dusted off the old Huffmobile and took her for a spin.  My favorite running area where I live is the NCIT.  It also happens to be an awesome bike trail (part of the Rails to Trails project).  Hubs and I set off for a 12 mile jaunt that took us through Huron County’s best farmland 🙂  He has a 21 speed.  I have a 12 speed.  Totally not equal or fair.  I trucked as fast as I could on the Huffmobile and we finished 12 miles in a hair over an hour.  Not bad considering I really had no ability to go any faster.

12 biking miles is not the same as 12 running miles.  But I am ok with it.  It’s about running for a lifetime and not just running at the moment.  I enjoyed today’s bike ride and got to embrace the NCIT in new ways than when I have run it in the past.  

My mantra is now: this too shall pass.  I will be back running again.  And I will come back better and stronger than before.  The competitor in me will allow for nothing less.



6 thoughts on “Operation #EmbraceTheSuck

  1. Elizabeth, I love hearing about your experiences. You have such a way with words, It’s sooooooo enjoyable to read what you have written. . . .. . I’m sure if you ever have to choose another career path, you could branch out into writing. I’m sorry to hear about the trouble with your knee and hope you recover soon. But, keep up the writings. Onward and upward!! :o)

    • Thanks Aunt Bonnie! I enjoy writing, sometimes it’s the easiest way to vocalize my thoughts and it is cathartic to get it all out there 🙂 Hope to see you again soon!

  2. Stoopid knees! who needs them anyways!

  3. I read this post a while ago, but now that I can actually related, I wanted to comment on it now. I am trying to embrace the suck of not running right now. Knowing that next weekend is the Cleveland Marathon that I will not be running, I feel like crap. Hoping to hear good things about your knee soon! And hoping to find the motivation to bust out my bike as well!

    • Try to stay positive…the suck of not running is horrible, but you will be back before you know it. It’s hard to say a few weeks or months are just a little blip in your running career…but they are. Get the bike out, do it! All the cool kids (or maybe just me) are doing it! I am even considering buying a new one because I am embracing my inner cyclist that much.

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