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Race Recap: SnoBall Run


I have been attempting to make it a fitness goal to run a race each month this year.  While I generally make good on this goal in year’s past, I tend to be a gigantic wussy kid during the winter months and will often forego races in January and February.  Which is why I put on my Big Girl Pants and sucked it up before registering myself for the SnoBall Run on Feb 23.  With the recent weather being nothing less than craptastically cold in the North Central part of Ohio, I have been quarantined to running most of my runs on the treadmill after work.  My view, unchanging, of farmer’s fields with the occasional rambunctious rabid raccoon running past.  Needless to say, I was kind of pumped up to run outside whether it was going to be warm, snowy, raining, cold, cold as a Witches Teat, or cold enough to make snotsicles.  I didn’t care.  I was craving an outdoor run.  Also, I can be so ridiculously good looking when my hair resembles a clip on piece of Muppet hair.




Was super pumped to run in the top my Mom bought me.  Isn’t she just the sweetest?

I made the 40 minute drive out to Bay Village and got myself ready to run.  I ran into Jess and Ryan before the start and was so happy to see them.  The weather was perfect running weather; chilly with a light breeze but dry roads and ZERO chance of things precipitating in my face.  For a first year race, there was a great turnout of over 600 runners with a lot of support coming from middle and high school students.  The only bad part of the unexpected turnout was how congested the starting area became.  I usually try to lineup in an area that corresponds to my pace, but everyone was packed like sardines so much that I just had to find a spot and just hope for the best.

The race started and I slowly was able to break out into a jog and spent most of the first mile getting up to speed and dodging through much slower runners.  I felt like I was playing a large game of Frogger, so it kept things interesting since I had forgotten my Garmin and had zero clue as to my pace.  And honestly I really didn’t care.  I was having fun.  The first mile was primarily a straightaway, slightly uphill and into the wind.  Per the mile split volunteer, my time was 7:15.  I was not happy with this split as that is my normal 2nd mile pace.  So I started to push.  The second mile split was somewhere around 14:10.  I was negative splitting.  I tried to push when I knew the school stadium was in site.  My stomach felt like upchucking my morning bagel, but I somehow kept that inside and had enough energy to sprint (which never happens) at the end.  I crossed the finish line with a gun time of 21:50.  My net time was 21:37.  Not too sure if the course was accurate, as people with Garmins had it being a bit short.  But whatever the case, I am happy with that time.  My ability to tolerate my favorite speedworkouts has lately been at an all-time low due to my body sucking at life, so I have been doing a lot more cross training and strength training to compensate.

Final Finish: 21:37 (6:57/mile pace if the course were accurate?)
Overall: 62/553
Females: 10th Finisher I think? my math skills are not good
Age Group: 1/24

all my racing goodies lined up.  oh wait, i forgot to put myself in this
engage: crappy MS Paint skills!  much better.  me enjoying my new tshirt.

It was fun after the race to be able to do some cool-down miles with Jess and Ryan before they headed out to finish out their long runs like ballers do.  Getting excited for the their wedding in July!

Up next: Louisville 5K in March!


2 thoughts on “Race Recap: SnoBall Run

  1. So nice to see you at the race AND at Winter Warmer this weekend! So glad we get to hang out so much. Sandusky doesn’t seem so far away now.

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