Running Through a Fulfilled Life

Accidental 400M Sprint

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Since I have decided to spend a weekend this weekend with my parents, I was looking forward to enjoying some quality time with my Mom.  She has been struggling through some injuries since last June (like Mother like Daughter) and is just now making her comeback to running.  We set out this morning to run 2.5 Miles together with a 0.5 Mile Warm-Up Walk.  There is nothing better than getting to enjoy an easy, relaxing run with a running partner.  Especially a running partner that birthed you.  

Although I should clarify that my “easy” currently makes her feel like she is on a death march.  We completed 2.5 miles in 24 minutes.  An achievement for her given that she swore it was impossible to break 10:00/mile pace since her injury.  

Once finishing, we parted ways.  I continued on and cursed myself for wearing far too much clothing for 25 degrees.  I was about a mile removed from when we parted ways when I looked out of the corner of my eye and saw a big, black dog tearing across a yard and heading my way barking and growling.  I started having a mini, mental panic attack because there was no one outside to save me and no tree to crawl up (not that those are appropriate escape tactics).  I tried to remain calm as it growled at me and followed right behind.  I slowed to a walk and tried to yell in my best mean voice.  I found that my mean voice sounds awfully close to a demonic screech.  The dog continued to follow me barking and growling for another 3 minutes before it wandered into some other yards.  Taking that as my cue, I sprinted all the way up my parent’s road.  If someone had timed my 400 at that time, I likely ran a Personal Best.  Ugh.  I love dogs.  But I don’t love dogs when they have no collar.  No fence.  No owner in sight.  And are mean.  And chase someone who resembles a traffic cone (points to self).

Has anyone else ever been chased by a dog?  How did you escape?  The only other time this has happened to me I literally ran into oncoming traffic in hopes that someone would see me or hit the dog since it was nipping my heels and making me freak out/simultaneously crap myself.


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