Running Through a Fulfilled Life

This is Married Life


Saturday nights in college used to be reserved for going out, dancing, hanging with friends, getting cray cray, staying up until 3 AM, and going balls to the wall with fun.  See the following pictures for reference of what I am talking about.

Saturday nights in married life have been reduced to the following:

hiding in the laundry to scare the other one

giving thumbs up when looking fancy from mango daquerisImage

ridiculous self pictures that were taken with the camera sitting on the fridgeImage

going on the hunt with the nerf gun for the facetious husbandImage

waa. stay away from me.

waa waa don’t you dare shoot me in the face with the nerf gun.

 you don’t mess with the best.  and the best is named elizabeth anne.


2 thoughts on “This is Married Life

  1. I may or may not be reading blogs at work and just died laughing at this post.

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