Running Through a Fulfilled Life

Obligatory Data Dump


Don’t get excited.  We are not talking about a literal dump ala #2 style aka the deuce.


This photo is the reason I never wear my glasses.  I look like a turd. Nugget.

More like a general removal of data from my camera memory card and training log.  I have realized I am not very forthright with revealing my mileage, training speeds, cross training, rest days, and what not and I would like to change that.  Not that I am shining beacon of good example in what “you should do”.  More like a shiny beacon of what you can do on not very much training, a smidge of good luck, and a crappy pair of knees.   Keep in mind my training as of late could be more closely defined as “Just messing around to stay fit without any general training plan or goal race coming up”.

Training Log from 1/13/13-1/20/13:
1.13.13–Progression Tempo Run 5.3 Miles in 42:14
1.14.13–Rest Day
1.15.13–Easy Run 4 Miles in 33:30, Lower Body and Upper Body Circuit
1.16.13–Longish Runnish 7.5 Miles in 59:57
1.17.13–Cross Training Elliptical 40′, Lower Body Circuit and Abs
1.18.13–Quick Lunch Time Run 2.5 Miles in 19:55
1.19.13–Speedwork: 1 Mile WU, 2×200, 2×400, 2×800, 1×1200, 1×1600, 0.5 Mile CD
1.20.13–Kinect Zumba x 1 Hour, Sprint into the Wind 1.5 miles in 10:41




This weekend I also got down with my artistic side, neat freak side, grocery buying side, laundry doing side, and watched every crappy made for TV movie because Hubs is busy taking on the Cincinnati Kings.  Because he is a super awesome professional goalie and stuff.

I also can officially also say I am the only non-pregnant bridesmaid in Jess and Ryan’s Wedding.  Which basically means I have to up my party game x4.  So excited for my Teabagger Ladies; 2013 holds lots of fun and new things for us all!


4 thoughts on “Obligatory Data Dump

  1. 3 pictures of me so this is pretty much the best post ever.
    You def need to up your game and fill in for the non drinking/partying teabaggers. I never thought those words would be strung together lol.
    ALso, love that the last picture was taken at the winking lizard (we are actually having our rehearsal dinner there)

    • i could do a whole post just of pictures with you girls and it would be the best ever!
      and i will do my best to up my game…and i am pumped that we will be at winking lizard, love that place!

  2. I have that Turkey Trot shirt. Meaning we were at the same race at the same time. Someday I will see you at a race! It’s just bound to happen!

    • I am sure it will happen at some point! That race was kind of big and if I remember super cold that day. I do a bunch of races in the Toledo area because my husband’s family is all from there.

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