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My Running Pet Peeves


Warning: Ranting Ahead

We’ve all got ’em.  Running is a fun, fantastical sport that encourages each of us to dig a little deeper to become “the best we can be”.  However, like anything we do, there are always those little things that irk the living shit out of us.  Or maybe that’s just me.  Without further ado, my list of rantings.  I probably have too many but I’m sure I could compile a list of rantings for soccer, work, sleeping, eating, and farting.

1) I hate when running companies make their shorts to look like big diapers.  Just because I have been known to use nature as my dumping grounds does not mean I need to wear running shorts that are not flattering. Also, in this picture it appears my legs are mating and that the man in the background may be having package problems.

2) Cotton t-shirts are a thing of the past.  Now that wicking material exists, cotton t-shirts are best reserved for activities not involving sweat.  They only result in overheating and bleeding nipples.  This picture is from when I was a running noob back in ’09 and was chased by the primary color man.

3) Men should not run marathons in bikinis.  Or any race distance for that matter. Ever. This occurred at Glass City Marathon last year and I wanted to vomit.
4) Shoe companies need to quit making so many redesigns on good, well developed shoes.  When I find something I like I tend to stick with it.  Until the redesign occurs and gives me blisters, black toenails, and neuromas.
Racing Etiquette:
1) If you intend on running with earbuds in (nothing wrong with that), make sure the volume is not too loud.  I have been elbowed in my ta ta’s several times and kicked in the ankles by individuals listening to their music too loud.  Better idea, only keep one ear bud in place.
2) Do not snot rocket or spit when the wind is blowing into your face.  You will either cover yourself in snot or someone behind you.
3) Do not come to an abrupt stop in the middle of a race course.  You will likely cause someone to run into you and curse you out.  Instead, run to the side and then come to a stop.

4)  Do not throw your water cup AT the race volunteers.  They don’t like that.  Do throw your water cup at yourself, that sometimes feels good when it’s hot.
5)  Do not cut someone off on the course either when turning a corner or at the finish line. A picture of my mother demonstrating the proper way to cut someone off 🙂

6)  Line up according to pace.  Not the pace that you can keep for 1/2 mile.  The pace you can keep the entire time.  I get it, we all want to get a quick start and not have to weave around people.  But it’s not worth having a pile up at the start either.
Training Etiquette:
1) Do not wear dark clothing.  It only serves as a magnet for cars.
2) Encourage others out running and walking.  A simple smile, wave, or hello that’s all.
3) Do not discourage others by saying “You only ran ‘X’ number of miles?”  A mile or million miles are all good things (well a million may indicate you have a problem).  Also being braggy and oversharing your accomplishments is not flattering.

4) Let others pass.  Don’t run 3-4 across the trails and make the runner coming the opposite direction have to step in a dead carcass.  Believe me, it smells (I did this at Stomp the Grapes 2010)

5) It is training for a reason.  It is not a race.  You do not have to speed up when getting passed.  People run different speeds.  It happens.


Do you have any running pet peeves?  If so, what are they?  I realize I have way too many and probably need to chill the crap out.  🙂


6 thoughts on “My Running Pet Peeves

  1. I absolutely hate it when people run or walk 4 abreast on the trail, all purpose trail, road, whatever. Especially in a race. I get annoyed when I am trying to spring and leap through a row of women speed walking a race. Like you said, start the race at what your pace would be, then this wouldn’t happen!

    • it is definitely the worst during a race when it is 2-3 people running or walking together because it’s like trying to play red rover…plus it expends so much energy trying to weave around people!

  2. hahaha at stomp the grapes. I remember that race and the carcass you stepped in. I almost stepped on a dead half frozen squirrel on my run the other day. (has nothing to do with this post lol). Jackie is coming out to Winking Lizard on Friday for dinner if you want to come?
    oh and related, I have a lot of running Pet peeves. Actually, kind of funnny, Ryan does a lot of my running pet peeves and I’m always yelling at him. I’m so mean. His music is too loud so he can’t hear anything. Runs in the middle of the road (idiot). runs too many people across so people can’t pass. Spits while he runs and ends up with it all over himself. (so gross)

    • yeah my foot smelled like pure shit if you remember. we were lined up and someone even said “wow, it smells terrible over here” and we laughed because it was my foot. and i can come up with jackie to join in the dinner fun 🙂 i feel like i need to be a fly on the wall during yours and ryans runs so i can see how peevish he is 🙂

  3. I have one: strangers who get competitive and try to race with you. Just met one fellow like this two days ago. He was running at an easy pace UNTIL I tried to pass him. Then he sped up. Mid-way through I sprinted, and that’s when he did too! What an ass!

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