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Test Test

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One of my favorite gifts that I received this Christmas was a brand new camera from Hubs.  He got me a Canon EOS Rebel which is a waaaay more high-tech camera than I have ever had.

 I usually like to learn to play with my gadgets by fiddling around with them, but this is probably one that will require reading the instruction manual (p’sha who really does that) in order to learn the in’s and out’s of all the 100 buttons on it and settings that I can use.  I am looking forward to using it to add some cool picture options to my blog, though!  After today’s run I attempted to take some test pictures.




Still trying to figure out how to take self pictures using the timing option without the camera falling off the top of the Kleenex box.  This skill is not in the instruction manual.   Neither is my awesome ability to make jazz hands at will.


One thought on “Test Test

  1. hahaha love the jazz hands. I need a new camera soon too. Let me know how you like yours and if the selfies come out good. At the condo I was real good at taking selfies with the self timer. Ryan thinks I’m weird when I do it at home now though lol

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