Running Through a Fulfilled Life

Back to my Roots


I can’t believe I have been running for 4 years.  And by running I mean actually wearing appropriate footwear, wearing appropriate running attire (aka not my cotton tshirts, soccer shorts, and crew socks), training for things other than my goal pant size, not stopping to walk every 5 minutes due to feeling like my lungs were collapsing into vomit fits, and sticking to it aka not taking 3-4 week hiatuses between runs.  Who knew the girl that hated every aspect of conditioning during soccer would learn to appreciate the joys of lacing up a pair of shoes and hitting the pavement?  Not I, said Negative Nelly, not I.

During that time, I have been through probably 9-10 pairs of running shoes.

Sadly I have worn each and every one of these until their midfoot support had deteriorated

Sadly I have worn each and every one of these until their midfoot support had deteriorated

Broken 1 Garmin.  Destroyed countless sports bras.  Fallen on my face.  Fallen on my rear end.
Rubbed blisters so bad on my heels that they bled all over my shoes.

Ran in the rain.  Ran in the sun.

Ran in the snow.  Ran on ice.  Ran in the cold.

Ran when I would rather still be sleeping.  Ran when it should have been my bedtime.  Oh wait, that’s not me?

Ran with friends.  Ran with family.

Family is actually what got me into this wonderful sport.  There was a time that we would all pick races to go to and wear our “family shirts” to rep the Anderson Family Brand.

2013 is a year to get back to our roots.  My whole family discussed it over Christmas.  1 race a month.  A challenge to each of us.  Whether it be 5K up to a Marathon, we will be there.  I know I can easily do 1 race each month, but I am excited to motivate my family to join me in this quest.  And my family tank top with all its nasty sweat stained glory will be coming out in full force.  I can’t wait.

2013 will be about health.  And fun.  And the run.


Happy Running!  Hugs and kisses from…


2 thoughts on “Back to my Roots

  1. I love that your family runs with you. No one in my family runs. Not many of my friends do either. I just have running club buddies and running blog buddies and such. You have tons of support! I might have to hop on this 1 a month challenge thing. Sounds interesting! Better find something for February!

    • I feel kind of spoiled that I have so many family members that enjoy running. Although it also adds to the peer pressure to register for a bunch of races! The hardest months to get 1 a month are January and February…brr cold! I am not sure how many February races there are…I know there a bunch in the Toledo area. The only one I did in the Akron area was the Chase Your Shadow 5K that they have at Portage Lakes for Groundhog’s Day!

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