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Race Recap: Green Professional’s Association Turkey Trot


I selected my annual Turkey Trot based on one thing and one thing only: location in relation to my parent’s house.  I wanted to be able to book it home as quickly as possible to start stuffing my face with turkey and all the fixings as soon as possible.  I always have my priorities in order.

Normally, I have run the Perry Rotary or Tusc Valley YMCA Turkey Trots.  Perry’s race has grown to 2,000+ and the YMCA’s race continues to grow as well (plus is a nice 45 minute drive BLAH).  I am a fan of smaller races and I like to support up and coming races as well.  Green’s race was a first.  And for it being a first, it definitely received a big draw from the Akron area.  509 runners in the 5K and probably 100 runners for the 1 mile “Fun Run”.

I had targeted the Turkey Trot as being my “all the chips thrown in” attempt at a 5K PR.  I did speedwork and tempo runs like a fiend over the past 3 weeks.  And then last Saturday, while PR’ing the heck out of a 5 Mile Training Run, I tweaked my left calf.  With the way my running form is, being a mid- to forefoot striker, a calf strain was just not going to cut it.  So I sucked it up and bought some CEP Compression sleeves so I could have some support during the race.  I didn’t care that Hubs started referring to me as a schoolgirl.  I felt well supported and ready to run.

All lined up and ready to race

I may or may not have stolen all of the photos.  I give all credit to the watermarked photographer.

The race was a nice out and back that looped through all the Green Schools.  It was mostly flat, with several rolling grade changes that I would not really classify as hills.  I got off the line when the turkey gobbler went off as quickly as I could.

You can see my leg in there somewhere *hint I have on my blue sleeves*

I ignored my Garmison the best I could.  I didn’t check my mile splits.  Instead I ran like it was going out of style.  I ran like someone had lit a fire under my rear end.  I thought only of PR glory and Turkey.  And…it worked.

T-Rex Dad Race Walking to a PR


I enjoy the fact that it looks like I don’t want to stop running. Thought in my head: “where’s the next race?”

Hubs finishing up with his Turkey Stroll as he referred to it. He was content to just jog and burn some calories.

Final Finish: 21:28.16 (6:58/mile pace)
Overall: 39/509
Overall Females: 5/287
Age Group: 1/82





4 thoughts on “Race Recap: Green Professional’s Association Turkey Trot

  1. 6:58 mile pace?? DANG! Awesome job!

  2. Holla! So proud! I am hoping to run a similar time this weekend. Slowly making my speedy comeback 🙂

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