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Race Recap: Rich Dalessandro Memorial Turkey Trot 5K


The Rich Dalessandro Memorial Turkey Trot takes place in Dalton, OH every Fall and it has become a local favorite for the Fall Racing season.  I have only run it once, but that was 2 years ago and all I could recall from that day was that the course was super hillish hell hills.  In summary: the race starts downhill and finishes downhill.  Which equates to a TON of climbing in between.

My only goals for the race were to A) PR the course B) Have fun C) Attempt to get back “up to speed” as I find my legs not loving 5K’s after all my Half Marathon training D) Finish in the top 15 Females

The race starts downhill, as previously stated.  I did my best to “bank” time (is that possible on a 5K?) and push the first mile in preparation to endure the hills.

5K Start…running over 700 strong!

Find the Eli

Don’t mind me. I only was attempting the coveted “double wave”. Instead I look like the garden gnome in front of me is possibly robbing me.

It was obvious that the 6:41 first mile split would help cushion my inevitable hill collapse.  I haven’t done hill repeats in probably a year, so I was expecting the worst.  I think over the course of the next 2 miles we went up and down a series of 6-7 decent hills including the one dubbed “Hallelujah Hill” at the end.  Why Hallelujah?  Because it made you say that when you got to the top.
Mile 2–7:48
Mile 3–7:41
Mile 0.1–5:23 pace

Some views of the hills that do not include my mug in them.

Hallelujah Hill

How I felt after the race (not me, obvs my legs arent that hairy even if it is almost winter time tee hee) and what I wished I had done when crossing the finish line

You can almost see me if you get out a magnifying glass!

Final Finish: 22:56 (7:23/mile)
Overall: 59/388 (5k Race)
Females: 11/224
Age Group 2/33

I hit on all of my goals for the race.  I found my fast legs even though my goal is still to clock a low 22 race this season.  I had fun.  I finished in the top 15 females.  And I PR’d the course!  Case in point…also this race has gotten so much bigger!

   59   2/33    11/224    386 5K   Elizabeth Mason  27 F OH 22:56.21  7:23 
   39   3/22     7/116    698 5K Elizabeth Marchand 25 F OH 23:42.75  7:38



3 thoughts on “Race Recap: Rich Dalessandro Memorial Turkey Trot 5K

  1. I think that is a fantastic double wave. Another awesome race! Do you do any online coaching? Even just a regular email to tell me to get off my ass and run some races.

    • thanks! i have not thought about doing any online coaching (maybe something to get into) but if you need any encouragement or training advice you can always email me…id be happy to help!

  2. Hope to see you there this year! I am actually the guy behind you and to your right with the maroon shorts….finished 3 seconds behind you…..hoping to improve this year!

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