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Race Recap: Project Homeless Connect 6 Miler


Akron is home to many things.  Rubber.  Lebron (aka LeBum).  Soap Box Derby.  Hills.  And part of the Towpath Trail.  Only a few of these things were included in my race on October 13.  Mainly hills, towpath, and LeBaby (kind of, see photo below for proof of Letaintedrace).


I was excited to race and see how my legs had recovered from my recent super successful Half Marathon PR Questfest of awesomesauce.  Not expecting much, I just chose to run by feel.  I ignored my Garmin quite successfully and didn’t even look at my time until I was cresting the final hill of the course.

I loved it.  The run felt effortless.  I never felt like death on a platter.  I was channeling my inner Ryan Hall while listening to the Odyssey and being a mothaf’n BAMF.  Yes, redundant I know.  I could go into specifics at how I felt at every mile split, the joy I took in passing people, the clunk clunk of my shoes as they smacked across the bridge, or the churning of my stomach due to pumpkin spice mixed with a 1.5 hour drive prior to race time.  But, I won’t.  This race was simply about the run.

So I give you, without further ado, my run (in picture form).










Final Finish: 45:52 (7:39/mile pace)
Overall: 14/99
Females: 4/63
Age Group: 1/13

Because this race gave overall awards to the Top 5, I FREAKING PLACED OVERALL which must be a sign that hell is freezing over ( I received that lantern with candle inside…so cute!)

omg so much food, so overwhelming om nom nom noms #pr #runfast #ilovefall

Overall, I absolutely loved this race.  It was run over the newest portion of the Towpath Trail in Akron that goes over the water.  The weather was perfect.  The leaves were at their most brilliant colors of orange, red, and yellow.  And I was in my happy place, wearing my Pure Flows and prancing around like a gazelle (that’s what I apparently look like when running per my Mom).


4 thoughts on “Race Recap: Project Homeless Connect 6 Miler

  1. I think if you place over all, you should get one of Lebron’s trophies. Because you deserve it more. But other than that, that race sounds like the bomb. Just like you super descriptive description of how awesome it was. Lol, you said BAMF. Good job, I would have totally ran this! Keep up the good work.

    • it is a great race for a great cause…definitely one i would do again. the course is beautiful and sean fremon always does an excellent job as race director! lebron does totally owe me a trophy or two, along with the entire city of cleveland!

  2. I’m confused? Online it says 10K but you called it a 6 miler. So which is it??? Nice work either way. Not bad just after a half marathon.

    • i was confused as well…i am saying 6 miler because that is what my garmin read when i crossed the line. i think they cut 0.2 off of it because otherwise they would have had to control traffic on waterloo rd which would have been a pain!

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