Running Through a Fulfilled Life


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Tomorrow is the day I officially toe the line for what will be my 8th Half Marathon.


I am thankful that I even get to stand amongst a crowd of runners at 7:30 AM and wait for the starting signal.  It has been long journey since May in terms of my wonky knee, but I am praying for good weather, good running, a smile throughout, a well behaved knee, and another recorded finish.  Do I have goals for this one? Yes and no.  I have a secret time goal, but it entirely depends on how my body feels.  My overall goal is to finish.  And to be smiling.  And to have enough energy to help run my Dad in to finish his 3rd Half.


I have watched the weather reports progressively drop the starting race temperature over the past week.  It will be 38 degrees at race start.  40 degrees when I finish.  This is the weather I bask in.  Runner’s World recommends a lot of extra clothing (yuck) but I like to remain cool when I run.

The conditions you reported were:
Temperature: 40 degrees F, Wind: Calm,
Conditions: Sun, You like to feel: In-between
We suggest you wear:
Hat with visor
A hat with a visor serves not only to keep the sun out of your eyes, but also to shield them from blowing snow and rain on the run. A lighter-colored hat helps to keep your head cool on warm days.
The basic element of any runner’s wardrobe. Usually a nylon or technical fiber.
Long-sleeve shirt
A long-sleeved shirt made of high-tech polyester will pull moisture away from your skin, keeping you from getting clammy and cold on a cooler day.
Essentially a jacket without sleeves, a vest provides the wind-blocking and water-resistant functions of a running jacket, but only for the body’s core, leaving the arms uncovered – warm, but not too warm.
To keep your hands warm on a cold day. Mittens keep your hands warmer when temperatures drop below 30?. When in doubt, better to take your gloves with you. They’re easy to tuck in your shorts or tights.
By keeping the sun out of your eyes, a good pair of sunglasses can save you energy by allowing you to relax your face (no squinting). Though their uses are obvious on sunny summer days, they’re also useful on bright winter days, or any other time when glare is likely to be an issue.

The hay is in the barn.  I have made it this far.  Let’s see what I’ve got in me…I know I can do it.  Now it’s just a matter of actually doing it.


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