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Race Recap: Fit Family 5K


A 5K generally means 3.1 miles.  At least in normal running circles.  However, I got a nice surprise during my recent 5K to learn that it actually equals 3.06 miles (heard it straight out of the race director’s mouth).  How that extra “0.04” miles couldn’t be added on by running an extra circle or 10 around a parked car to make a full 5K is beyond me.  My 5 second celebration of a PR was over as quick as it took me to hit “Stop” on my Garmison.  Mini rant…over.

Fit Family 3.06 Mile Race Thing-a-ma-Ricky-Bobby

My head also doubles as a supernova explosion of awesomesauce.

The Fit Family 5K was put on by the Walsh University PT Department.  As a PT, I really wanted to run this one to support another DPT program.  I actually applied to Walsh when I was considering graduate programs, but elected to attend UToledo because I had already spent my undergrad years there.  The course ran through the Walsh campus and entered the neighborhoods that bordered the back side of campus.  I had no idea what to expect on the course, but apparently flat was not to be used in its description.  There were at least 5-6 rollers (with the last one re-entering campus and totally causing my hamstrings to simultaneously cramp into muscular angst) that definitely made the course more challenging.

Hubs ran this race with me and I was appreciative for his help to push me through the last 1.1 where I usually struggle.  Momma M spectated professionally for us and was able to capture a bunch of pictures.  She has finally been diagnosed with bilateral glut medius strains and also has a fracture on the right side of her pelvis <—Dr. was not concerned with this and didn’t limit her weightbearing (WTF?!?) So she has been totally shut down for at least the next 5 weeks.  Fingers crossed that this helps, otherwise its the MRI machine for her!

Hubs and I stretching it out. My hotness is overwhelming to him, obviously.

The excitement taking place in this picture’s cuppeth has runneth over.

Hubs was apparently super happy to be running.

Hubs coming in strong to the finish. His run 3 days the week before a race and take the next month off plan is working.

I look like fried hell.

T-Rex twins coming into the finish

Eli’s Brief Foray with Greatness Quickly Turned to a Case of the Sads
Final Finish: 21:55 (3.06 miles)
Overall: 37/206
Age Group: 2/12
Females: 9/118

Hubs Most Excellent Race Thanks in Part to His 3 Day for 1 Week in a 4 Week Training Cycle
Final Finish: 21:46 (3.06 miles)
Overall: 32/206
Age Group: 3/12
Males: 26/91

Paparazzi be creepin on us

And this is where those weird faces come from. It’s DNA prooftastic.

Getting my super sweet award swag on.

Happy Running!


2 thoughts on “Race Recap: Fit Family 5K

  1. You and your hubs are both super runners. I feel like thats not fair. That type of compatibility should be illegal. Great job to the both of you!

    • thanks! but the funny part is my hubby doesnt particularly enjoy running. just does it with me for fun once in a while…if he really trained he would dust me! it is nice though to be able to share interests once and a while 🙂

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