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Race Recap: Alliance Rotary Castle Run 10K

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Terrible race.  Terrible heat.  Terrible humidity.  I had been really looking forward to this race, knowing my training had prepared me to PR on even a super hilly course like this. However, Mother Nature had many other ideas for my general well-being.  The goal, in essence, became to simply finish the race.  Even if I had to walk.  Even if my intestines were tying themselves into pretzel bow ties.  Even if my giant headband was no longer being effective at keeping sweat out of my eyes after 0.5 miles. And, yes people, all of those things did happen.

Race time temp: About 76 degrees and 97% HUMIDITY.  Yes 97%.  Literally enough humidity to make sure you were surrounded by a cocoon of your own sweat and were drowning in it.  By the time I finished it was over 80 degrees with 95% humidity.

I will spare all the details of how horrible I felt.  I was happy to see I wasn’t the only person I knew walking through water stops.  Or cursing at the mountainous hills.  I will only narrate this race with a series of pictures.  And hopefully, my next 10K will be on a cooler day and not involve near heat exhaustion (because when I finished that was borderline).

Once upon a time I was excited to race. Then it got too hot so I ran in my sports bra., And then I got too hot again and ran craptastically.

T-Rex doing a Mexican Hat Dance to warm up.

All lined up and ready to sweat through all of my orifices

T-Rex staying calm

Oh look there’s a sweaty Eli!

Running into the finish. I figured I might as well make up for the approximately 5 minutes of walking I did in my 52:47 10K debacle. But at least everyone loved my sweaty sports bra. Go pink boobies!

Oh look there’s a T-Rex. ROAR!

Trucking into the finish along the grassy vicinity. Towards the castle. Quote of the day from T-Rex: “It was so hot I almost felt like WALKING. As in breaking stride and walking slow”

That may or may not be composed of 99% sweat particles of a T-Rex Race Walker Extraordinaire. Now you know why I can’t do well in hot races. I come from a very sweaty family lineage.

Here’s to hoping my next race goes much better.  Some cooler weather should help.  As the people in Walmart were yelling in the frozen foods department yesterday: “I’m OUT with a YOLO and HOLLA”.


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