Running Through a Fulfilled Life

A Fantastic Finish to a Runtastic August

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This summer has had its ups and downs.  

My knee has needed a consistent babysitter since the end of May.

Piece of crap MCL and matching piece of crap meniscus

My husband has been nothing short of wonderful.

A random card he left me one day “just because”

I got to spend lots of time with family and friends.

I fell in love with Lime-a-ritas.

I discovered that bananas are not as good as peaches.

I sweated…a LOT.

My sweaty back created this just for you

It was far too hot this summer making my brain and body want to explode.

My brain wanting to vomit itself out of my mouth from running in the heat

I still enjoy taking very ridiculously hideous self portraits of myself

I got to go on a very Bahamian “2nd honeymoon”.

I have kept my hair rockin the blonde look.

I learned how to run fast.  *cough cough speed work* *cough cough i quit being a giant wuss kid cough cough*

August has nearly wound its way down into September, marking the not so distant end to Summer 2012.  The warm weather days of running in 75-90 degree heat will come to a close shortly, so I went out today to enjoy the sun at Osborne Park.  4 miles planned.  Yes, planned.  Because I am undergoing a top secret mission to train for a fall type race.  I cannot speak of said race for fear that it will jinx my knee.  My knee must remain in the dark about this race and unknowing.  It only thinks we are training for a 5K.  Do NOT tell my knee that it is training for a H___ M_______.  Otherwise I will be forced to kick you with my good leg.

I was able to loop around the Osborne walking path 4 times and complete 4.37 miles in 35:40.  It felt wonderfully good.  The sun was out, people were out walking and running, and not a bug attempted to dive bomb my eyes or mouth.  It was a perfect run.  What else made this one run a fantastic finish to my runtastic August?

A small running camp was going on at Osborne.  The coach had all of the kids lined up across the path.  As I approached, he gestured that they clear a path that I could run through.  What they did next made me smile, laugh, and genuinely appreciate running and kind people.  The kids formed a tunnel, started doing “spirit fingers”, and began cheering loudly for me as I passed.  I yelled out to them: “Thanks guys! You are making me feeling I’m racing”.  And I was thankful.  They put a pep back into my step starting at Mile 2.  And it carried through to Mile 4.37.  I still have a silly smile on my face thinking about it.

Happy Running!


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