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Race Recap: Alliance Community Hospital (ACH) Runnin For Hospice 5K


I am getting super bad at writing race recaps.  It is getting to the point that my post-race jumping joy happy feelings have long dissipated and I am left with a totally BLAH attitude to recapping something that was once awesome.  Well, still is awesome, but I just care less about how awesome it was.  The ACH Runnin for Hospice 5K was on August 18 in Alliance, OH.

It is sponsored by Alliance Community Hospital and takes place at twilight.  And I absolutely loved it.  It was everything that the Jackson Night Glow used to be before it got too big for its own britches.  The core values of: community, running for a great cause, glow sticks, encouragement, inspiration, and friendly (yes totally friendly) running crowd.  I chose to run ACH mainly because I was visiting my hometown to get my HAIR LOCKS DID and wanted to put my “aching for a good run” legs to work.  WORD.

I was a bit nervous about this race because all the week leading up to since that Wednesday, my knee was being a whiny bitch.  It hadn’t made a peep since the end of June and yet now was choosing to rear its ugly, Mr. Lumpy-esque, douchebag head.  In fact, it was rearing its head in a new place.  The lump had migrated to the front of my knee.  Weird.  Anyways, I chose to run the race because Friday I successfully navigated 3 miles on the treadmill at work without a bitchy moan of knee pain.

I lined up for the race and said a little prayer that my knee would hold up.  I was wearing bright pink shorts which meant I had to put up or shut up.  Or just go hide in some bushes should I need to DNF.  Plus I had some Subway points to defend since a few of my fellow running peeps were jokingly (but maybe for real) not happy that I showed up.

We took off quickly.  I was boxed in at the start and didn’t get off the starting line well whatsoever.  It took a bit to get going.  And around the first turn we went.  I was so angry because nearly half of the runners in front of me cut the corner and ran on the sidewalk through the first 3 turns.  Um, cheating much’?


I darted out to get a quick first mile split in at 6:50.  I was slightly aghast at how easy it felt.  But knew I had to keep going hard.  We looped in through Mount Union College and got chased by college kids.  I hit the Mile 2 split when shortly after *whooooomp* a stab of knee pain.  Yuck and Yikes.  I tried my best to not hobble and keep a normal stride.  I pushed and pushed and pushed some more through the pain and final hills.

I pushed past my Mother (who is currently sidelined with injury) while she yelled “Run faster!  You can go faster than that!  You are looking good, run faster!”  Yeah, she loves being supportive when I’m hurting.

Mile 1–6:50
Mile 2–7:18
Mile 3–8:00 (had I not choked the hell out of this mile I would have PR’d AGAIN)
Mile 0.1–6:45

Final Finish–22:33 (7:15/mile pace)
Overall Finish–36/446
Female Finish–5/236
Age Group–1/25

Here’s to hoping the beast that lives in my knee stays at bay (it calmed down the next day) and to more Happy Running!


4 thoughts on “Race Recap: Alliance Community Hospital (ACH) Runnin For Hospice 5K

  1. Dang girl! Great run! I love the starting line photo too. I need a good 5k soon. Nice job!

    • thanks! now that i have finally figured out how to push through a little discomfort my times have gotten much better…good thing there are still plenty of 5k’s left this racing season. hope you pick a fun one!

  2. Can you make the second picture your profile picture? k. Thanks!

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