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Race Recap: Canalway Classic 5K


The Canalway Classic is one of my “go-to” races each and every year.  Why?
1) It’s a guaranteed PR course with a downhill start and finish

2) It makes my knees happy because it is run on the Towpath
3) It is a point-to-point course.  For some reason the threat of having to make it back to my car always makes me more inspired.

4) Nickles Bakery gives you a loaf of multi-grain bread when you finish.  And who doesn’t want a $20 loaf of bread, eh EH?

5) Phillippe (Spell check on the French Frog, Aisle 1 Please) the Frog makes an appearance every year.  And what could possibly be more creepy then a frog trying to get its picture with you?

Anyways, I was really hoping that I could do well on this race even though it was 2 days after I got back from The Bahamas.  Cruise ship running is not ideal (especially on a rocking treadmill) and getting your “land legs” back for running is often a big task.  Also, I was dealing with some funky funk of a sinus/cold business that I likely contracted from a Swan Dive in some raw, dirty, sewer water in Nassau.  But I decided I needed to put my big girl pants on and just RUN.

I apparently ran so fast that the cameras for the Ohio Challenge Series forgot to take my beautiful picture.
Mile 1 Split–6:58 (3/4 downhill, 1/4 on the Towpath)
Mile 2 Split–7:22 (all Towpath baby)
Mile 3 Split–7:29 (1/2 Towpath, 1/2 nasty mean satist hill)
Mile 3.1 Split–6:55 (all downhill, my lungs were congested as crap and I was breathing through what felt like a tiny, itty bitty baby straw)

Final Finish: 22:32 (7:17/mile)  
Overall Finish: 99/613
Female Finish: 16/357
Age Group Finish: 1/38
Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

I am now the official new owner of a 5K PR that I thought would never come.  I beat last year’s time on this course by 25 seconds.  All done with a nasty head cold and a bum knee.  Just think what a healthy Eli could accomplish!


Oh yeah, that’s right.  I jump over flames.  And totally didn’t steal that picture at all.


2 thoughts on “Race Recap: Canalway Classic 5K

  1. I’m confused? You jump over fires at the end of this race?

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