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R&R The Cure For What Ails You


The realization that my mini mid-year vacation “break from it all” is over starting tomorrow has finally begun to sink in.  It was definitely fun while it lasted.

Hubs and I decided to partake in another Carnival Cruise, which was the same cruiseline we used for our honeymoon.  This time we elected to take a 5 day cruise to the Bahamas. In retrospect, I would have loved for it to last 7 days but the only 7 day cruises were in the Eastern or Western Caribbean.  And apparently there was a little “hurricane” action going on all last week along those waters.

We boarded the Carnival Ecstasy on August 4.  The Ecstasy was definitely an older ship than the Carnival Legend which we cruised on in June of 2011.  It had a capacity for 2,000 passengers, but it never seemed to be that crowded.

A view of Port Canaveral from our ship

The Carnival Ecstasy docked

The first night on the ship we spent exploring the ship’s 14 decks.  The ship was easy to navigate minus the difficulty getting access to the Serenity Deck (adults only area) which is really the only place worth hanging out unless you want be tempted to throw screaming and misbehaving kids into the closest body of water.

Relaxing on the quieter, Serenity Deck

The next morning we awoke to some Bahama beauty.  We had arrived in Freeport which is located on Grand Bahama Island.  We elected to take a bus tour of the island from a man that went by the name Mr. T.  He was awesome.  We learned so much about Bahamian culture, and his overall levels of “bluntness” put Hubs to shame.  Major lesson learned: Bahamians LOVE Conch.  It is nature’s viagra.  Conch fritters, conch salads, conch biscuits, conch chapstick, conch butter, conch air freshener (I may or may not have made over half of those up).

Hubs loving Junkanoo Beach

Practicing for the day Vicky’s Secret calls me

It is rude not to double fist daquieris while in the Bahamas. It is actually rude not to triple fist too.

After a busy day in Freeport, Hubs and I were exhausted.  We awoke the following day to arrival in Nassau.  Nassau is home to the Atlantis Resort, all of the criminals of the Bahamas (for real, that is only jail location), and the only place that “pants on the ground” is acceptable.  Hubs and I wandered around Nassau and settled on a public beach to relax.

Nassau, Bahamas prior to my accumulation of UV Rays

We also made our way to Sharkeez so Hubs could try Kalik, a local Bahamian brew.  Probably not worth the $6 price tag, but when in the Bahamas…apparently blow all of your cash on beer and hookers.  Wait, that’s not my take home message?


It was at this point that Hubs and I had caught the Slot Machine FEVAAAAH to which there is no cure.  The only cure is winning and winning and then winning some more.  I can proudly say we finished on top and I even won $60 on a $1 pull.

My slot skillz know no bounds. Made this machine my B.

The last port of call was Half Moon Cay.  It is a private island that is only used for 1 day excursions exclusively for Carnival Cruise Lines.  And it is ri-darn-diculously beautiful.  Probably the most gorgeous beach I have ever seen.  I love when I can be in water that I can still see every callous and blister on my ugly runners feet.

Didn’t want to leave. Seriously. No I’m being really really serious.

Awkward Tan Lines McGee is my alter ego

While at Half Moon Cay, Hubs managed to win the Free Throw Competition.  Apparently he blew the competition away with his crazy mad skillz to the point that no one believed him that he was indeed a soccer player and not a basketball player.  I wouldn’t know this since I was too busy playing “apply sunscreen that I just sweated off tic-tac-toe on my stomach using my half empty Bud Light Lime for cold compression on my neck”.  It was mildly ungodly hot that day.

Hubs and his janky gold plastic cruise ship trophy that is now proudly displayed by our wedding keepsakes

The last day was a day at sea in which we used to our full advantage. Full advantage of having Hubs be referred to fondly as “Michael Phelps” and “fitness trainer” by our favorite bartender and several other staff.  I am proudly married to a superstar swimmer. Full advantage meaning we sampled every bit of food they offered that day.  Nothing like finishing off a cruise with a good bloat.  My bloat was full of ice cream, chocolate cake, pizza, bagels, eggs, fish, fries, etc.  Literally all were consumed that day.  My scale read “GOOD GOD WOMAN” when I arrived home.

So sad to no longer be cruising

So all in all, we had a wonderful time.  We got a ton of beach time.  Sun time.  Drink time.  Sleep time.  Relaxation time.  And married couple time.  And tomorrow we go back to the real world….BLAST BLAST BLAST CRAP.


4 thoughts on “R&R The Cure For What Ails You

  1. lol…this blog was absolutely hystercial…and I loved every bit of it DIL!!!

  2. Totes jealous of your vacation. Take me with you next time!!!

    • We are planning a beach house vacation next summer…I would take you along except you have this “wedding” thing coming up and apparently a “honeymoon” of some sorts is involved 🙂 that is unless you want double vacation and double fisting of margaritas with us

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