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Race Recap: Second Sole “Sole to Soul 5K”

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We Came, We Saw, We Sweated a Whole Lot, and We Conquered.

Taking a nap before the race at the check-in table

I am a huge fan of random mid-week races.  The Sole to Soul 5K held in Levis Commons on a random Wednesday in August has been one of my favorite go-to midweek races.  This was the 3rd year in a row that Hubs and I have participated.  The Perrysburg Second Sole flatout is wonderful for the Greater Toledo running community.  They do WAY more than the Akron/Canton branches of Second Sole in terms of sponsoring races, developing interest in running, and being a visible presence in the city.

The only problem with this year’s race?  It was HOT AS ALL BALLS 87 DEGREES AT RACE TIME!  So, I prepped Hubs that I probably wasn’t going to have my best race ever.  We planned to run together.  However, my legs and lungs had other ideas once the gun went off.  I felt good.  Really good.  So good in fact that my 7:08 first mile felt far too easy.  Almost effortless.

The flat course that loops around Levis Commons is conducive for fast running.  The heat is not.  Neither is a Hubs that keeps yelling “We are flying.  I’m dying.  Slow down you crazy woman! (he didn’t say that last sentence, the others are true statements).  So at the 1 mile marker, I purposely slowed down so not to cause Hubs to enjoy his dinner a second time.  Mile 2 split: 7:28.  I continued to feel questionably good but Hubs was still dying, so we slowed a bit more. (this picture would show otherwise as we both look awful)

Mile 3 split: 7:44.  Hubs finally rallied around the tail end of Mile 3 and pushed me into the finish.  Final 0.1 7:00 pace.  The entire race I FELT AMAZING SAUCE WONDERFUL HAPPY FEET.

Final Finish: 23:19.  Pace: 7:31.
Eli Finish: 4/20 Age Group
Hubs Finish: 3/12 Age Group

-Hubs got an age group award…what what son?!
-I am more than capable of hitting my 5K PR on a cooler day or when I’m not running with Hubs 🙂
-Speedwork is finally paying off in a big way

Can’t wait for the next 5K…Canalway Classic!  Happy Running!


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