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Race Recap: Castalia Cold Creek 5K

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Last weekend I decided to some spur of the moment 5K racing and selected a race that was right down the road.  The Castalia Cold Creek 5K is part of the Castalia Cold Creek Festival.  It was just a small, local yocal,  run and sweatfest of rural proportions.  I got the race about 45 minutes prior to the start and picked up my race packet, warming up shortly after.

Race shirt with my medal

The temperatures were not as blazing, fiery hot as they have been recently, but it was still upper 70’s at race start with not a cloud in the sky.  Which was convenient because the entire race course took place out on country roads with no shade.

The race started right on time and immediately began with an uphill that lasted ~0.5 miles. Nothing fun about feeling like death right from the start.  From there, the course started its rolly path.  Up one hill, down another, up another hill, down another.  My legs were totally feeling the killer speed workout I had put them through on Wednesday.  We hit the turn around point and I thought “Good Lord, I have to do that same thing in reverse now?”.  Shortly after the turnaround, I started the terrible mental talk.  “F this.  Just finish the race.  Who cares about your time.  It’s hot, these hills suck, and there are no water stops anywhere in sight to dump water on your head.  Pack it in and get on with it”.  Fortunately the race finished downhill and I was able to zap the negative self talk, but not before it had managed to somewhat zap my finish time.

Final Finish: 23:20.  Which was good enough for 1st in the age group of 25-29.
Certainly not my best time, but definitely faster than I had anticipated especially in this July heat.

All smiles with my age group award!

First race ever run with sunglasses. Why? Because I forgot they were on the top of my head until 5 minutes prior to the start. So it was either put them over my eyes or keep them on top of my head. I chose not to look like a complete a-hole.

Here’s to looking forward to some fast races in cooler temperatures this Fall!  Happy Running!


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