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Dealing With a Little Pain

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This summer, or I guess I should say the past few weeks, has been crazy hot.  Like a super lunatic, psycho, I wanna eat paste and lead chips, kind of crazy hot.  Where the temps have been into the 80’s at 7:00 AM with 90% humidity.  The type of weather that makes Eli have swamp body.  WIthin 5 minutes of starting a run.  It has been discouraging, yes, to see my race times suck major anus popsicles lately.  I am not a hot weather runner.  I bailed on a race last Friday because the race weather was projected to be 106.  Yes degrees.  Not 106 raindrops.  Not 106 fluffy puppies.  106 degrees of hellacious heat.  Yes the race was only 1 mile.  Does my body care?  I would have heat stroked across the finish line.

The face of heat intolerance. Mine.

My last 5K was the Jackson Glow Run which I recorded a slow as all molasses (for me) 24:30.  I felt like I was dying a thousand deaths.  I guess it is fair to say the temp at race time was around 80 degrees and I shouldn’t be so discouraged.  But I am.  My training has been going swimmingly in my own sweat well.  I have been building upper and lower body strength (for once) and have been incorporating regular speed training into my routine for the past 6 weeks.  I just wish I would see some results for my struggles.  I know fall running is coming up.  Fall running=Happy Eli.

See how happy I can be when the temperatures are COLD outside?

But until September and October hit, I guess I will have to deal with a little more pain.  Pain from speedwork.

Darn you Brooks Pure Flows for making me enjoy 800’s and 400’s. Also, my right leg is quite possibly the ugliest leg I’ve ever seen between the 3 scars and devil bastard Mr. Lumpy

Pain from rolling the living tar out of my lame quads in hopes that my lame knee will keep its lame self together through 2012.

Ouch. This feels terrible. Also I enjoy foam rolling in my bikini.

Pain from drowning in a pool of my own sweat.

Do you not enjoy this lovely sweat outline of my body? I create ink blot images with my sweat free of charge.

Pain from lack of sleep due to waking up at the buttcrack of dawn just to get an early morning run in.  Pain from enduring too many treadmill training runs.  I’m just hoping the pain is all worth it.

After all, anything worthwhile never comes easy.


One thought on “Dealing With a Little Pain

  1. Waaahhhhhhh I wanna run!!!!!!! F u IT band and piriformis!!!

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